Monday, November 19, 2012

"You made a BIG mess!"

My kids are the messiest.  As in they get enjoyment out of making messes for the sake of making messes.  Tucker has gotten much better and actually eats like the 3-year old that he is, mostly mess free.  Oh but little miss Gracie Girl is following in his foot steps.  While she is still learning to feed herself with utensils and still at the age that she enjoys exploring the textures of different foods, that girl enjoys making a mess.  She loves to squeeze food in her hands just to see how messy it can be.  She loves to scoop food on her spoon then, instead of eating it, chucking it across the room.  Seriously, on purpose.  The proof is in the look on her face once the food splats on the opposite wall.  When she's done at a meal, which usually is after about 4 minutes, you better move whatever is in front of her as quickly as you can or its going flying in every direction.
Anyway, this morning I was gathering the towels from the kids' bathroom to wash them and I heard Tucker say, "Oh Gracie!  You made a BIG mess!"  "Great," I thought.
I walk into the kitchen with an arm full of towels and this is what I saw:
 Not the biggest mess that our Lil' Mama has made, but a mess none the less.  She had gotten the oatmeal out of the cabinet, managed to get the lid off and dumped about half of what was left on the floor.  There she sat, eating it.  Yes, both my kids love dry, uncooked oatmeal.  I have no idea where they get it from.  Of course, Tucker thought it was fun and joined in. 
She looks quite proud of herself, doesn't she?
 Tucker really can be a big help with Gracie.  He played "babysitter" while I cleaned up the mess.
(The picture quality on this one is bad bc Tucker wouldn't stop long enough for a pic lol!)
*Sigh* I love my messy kids :)

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