Friday, January 27, 2012

27 Months, 12 days

Wow has it been a while since I posted an update on my ever-growing boy!  And man has he grown!  So much has changed.  I must say, "Oh, I need to do a post on Tucker doing.....(fill in the blank)!" a million times a week.  He has such a personality, so silly (something he totally gets from his Daddy!), so very smart (I'll take credit here, ha!), such a charmer, mischievous, loving, so GROWN! 

1.  You LOVE your baby sister.  I think it takes everything in you to not just grab her and squeeze her to death.  Instead, you kiss all over her, sing to her, talk to her, give her toys, try to *shove* her paci in her mouth....  You are the best big brother.  And oh my goodness, does she love you right back!  I pray every day that you and Gracie have a very close bond through out your whole life. 

2.  You are still OBSESSED with anything that has wheels, especially trucks.  Trucks of all kinds, and you call them by name.  There's semi-trucks, pulling trucks, tow trucks, the Dollar Store truck, the Walmart truck, flat bed trucks, cement trucks, snow trucks, fire trucks, garbage trucks, mail trucks, work trucks, excavators, bull dozers, cement trucks,....the list really does go on and on!

3.  Your two favorite books right now are the Little Blue Truck (that you have completely memorized, and so does Daddy), and Bear Snores On (a book we got from the library).

4.  We go to the library once a week and you always go work the two puzzles with the trucks first.

5.  At your 24 month check up you weighed 27.3 pounds (25%) and were 38 inches (97%).  Yep, you're still long and lean!

6.  Since you are so long and lean, most of your pants have some trouble staying up.  I see you grabbing at them and pulling them up all the time.

7.  If we let you run around naked, you use the potty 100% of the time.  Once we put big boy underwear on you, you have accidents....  We're not sure how to get past this so we're just letting you do your own thing right now.

8.  If you don't have a diaper on and you have to poop, you will say, "Mommy, put a diaper on me."  Then, you will poop and say, "Mommy, change my diaper."  However, just this past week you have asked to and have poopied in the potty twice!

9.  You are speaking in paragraphs.  We have complete conversations and I LOVE it!

10.  I am always amazed at the things you say and the things you come up with.

11.  Your teachers at school always comment on how well you talk and what a good eater you are, especially how well you eat your veggies.

12.  Ms. Jill and Ms. Becky are your teachers at school.  You talk about Ms. Becky all the time.

13.  You randomly ask where people are.  Like you'll say, "Where's Ms. Becky at?"  or "Where's Katie at?"  People you frequently ask about are Katie, Ms. Becky, Caden, Charlie, Memaw, Papa, Aunt Holli, Uncle Mikie, Tatum, and sometimes Walker Webb.

14.  You know all the people in your play nativity scene.

15.  You like to pretend that baby Jesus is baby Nash.

16.  You pretend to talk on the phone just like Mommy.  I'll hear you say, "Hi, what are you doing?"  "Yeah I know."  "Where are you at?"  "Okay, be careful driving."  When asked who you are talking to you always say, "Holli."  Yeah, Mommy talks on the phone to Aunt Holli a lot!

17.  You are a back seat driver.  You always remind us to be careful driving, to go at green lights, slow down at yellow lights, and stop at red lights.  You don't quite understand that it's okay to turn right on red.

18.  For some reason, you always tell me to bump the car that's in front of us if we're at a red light or the drive through.  I guess you figure they're in the way lol!

19.  You ask "Why?" ALL.THE.TIME! 

20.  Your favorite bible story is David and Goliath.  You can tell it yourself.  It took forever for us to get across to you that Goliath is NOT nice.  For the longest time you would always say, "Goliath's nice."  I think it's because the picture of him in your Bible Book is kinda scary and you wanted reassurance that even though the picture's scary, he's nice.  Finally you would say, "Goliath's NOT nice."  However, then you started calling people who were not nice "Goliath!"  You would tell me that one of your friends hit you at school or at Sunday School and you would say, "He's Goliath!"  We had to have a serous sit down talk about not calling people Goliath!

21.  When you wake up in the morning, you always call for Daddy saying, "Daddy!  I awaken boy!"

22.  You have quite an imagination.  This is so fun to watch!  The stuff you come up with, it just amazes Mommy.  Hopefully I'll get more consistent at blogging again and can document some of this...

23.  You know the alphabet.  You say it all day long, while you're playing.  The only error you make is you say the letter K twice instead of J.

24.  You sing Jesus Loves Me and

25.  You love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, especially the Road Rally episode.  We watch it all.the.time.  You know every one of the characters by name.

26.  You think it's hilarious to call Mommy and Daddy by "Tiff" and "Wes".

27.  When asked what your whole name is, you say, "James Tucker Bug Keene."

28.  Your friends still call you "Tucker Bug"

29.  You love to go out to eat.  Your favorite part are the mints after the meal.

30.  You also always search Papa's pockets for mints.  He usually makes sure he has one in one of his pockets for you to find.

31.  When asked, "Where's God?" you answer, "In my heart. And in Mommy's heart, and Baby Gracie's heart, and Daddy's heart."

32.  You learned how to put your pants on yourself.  As a result, you change your pants all the time.  They are always pulled out of your dresser drawer and all over your bedroom floor.

33.  You flushed your toothbrush down the toilet yesterday.

34.  Mommy recently started back to work part time and you are having a hard time with it...

35.  This makes Mommy so very sad.

36.  You are a negotiator!  You most definitely get this from your Daddy!  It doesn't matter what it is, you try to negotiate.  I will tell you we are leaving in 3 minutes and you will say, "FIVE minutes Mommy!"  I will tell you can have a snack AFTER lunch and you will say, "Snack FIRST, THEN lunch." 

37.  You talk about your birthday all the time.  You always say, "I have a birthday coming up."  When asked how old you will be you typicall say, "26."  On the morning of Mommy's birthday we had the following conversation.  (Yes, it was so funny to Mommy that I immediately wrote it down.)

Tucker (while eating a birthday cupcake at 6:15 am): I have a birthday coming up.
Mommy: You do?
Tucker: Yes, I two now.
Mommy: Well how old will you be on your birthday?
Tucker: 7-27. But I 2 now.
Mommy: Oh, wow, that's old!
Tucker: Yea. I 2 now.

38. You also tell me you're 7 a lot because I told you when you're 7 you can have gum.

Okay, way past 27 things, but so much has changed since I last posted.

Check back for pictures!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm Back (at least I hope!)

Oh my gosh, it has been FOREVER! 
But, in all that time, this blog has not been forgotten.  I have wanted to come back so many times, but life got in the way.  Yeah, something about having baby #2 that does that to ya..... 

I am always worrying that Gracie will think I don't love her as much as I do Tucker due to the lack of posts on her....  I feel very guilty about failing to document her life the past (almost) 4 months as much as I did Tucker's first 4 months.  I'm hoping that she will understand how much more time I had when it was only Tucker.  Besides, a large portion of my lack of time to dedicate to this blog is in fact HER fault!  That girl does not sleep!  She's a night owl who views the hours between 8:30 and midnight as her chance to have Mommy and Daddy's undivided attention while Tucker Bug is snoozing away.  And during the day, well that's no different.  Why sleep at the same time as Tucker does (or why sleep at all!) when that is time she can have Mommy all to herself!?  Yeah I'm not quite sure why when I was 9 months pregnant and enduring sleepless nights due to insomnia, my literally larger than life belly, and Gracie dancing on all my organs that I looked forward to her actually getting here so that I could sleep.  I've definitely grown accustom to surviving on very little sleep these days. 

But, with all that said, sweet Gracie and that devious brother of hers are way worth it.  In every way possible.

So, Gracie, know that when Mommy wasn't blogging about you, I was instead spending that time loving on you, smothering you with kisses, making silly faces at you, NURSING you, rocking you, singing to you, changing a GAZILLION of your dirty diapers, dancing with you in the kitchen, and just plain staring at your gorgeous-ness!

Pretty much, we've been busy, the FOUR of us, living life versus documenting it.  I do plan to do a quick photo recap of Christmas.  (After all, it was Gracie's first!)  And I HAVE to update you on Tucker, and give you a glimpse into Gracie's ever-developing personality.  So, stay tuned!

Until then:

Do you think my babies look alike?
Taken 12/17/2011

What about Daddy & Tucker?  Everyone says Tucker's "Lil' Wes"  :)
Taken 12/18/2011 After church service

And what about my little princess?  She's got my eyes, right??  Yeah, I'm probably pushing it...
Taken 12/24/2011, before bed on Christmas Eve

And just to prove that even with two kiddos, Daddy and I still manage to get out ONCE in a while:
Date night, 12/23/2011