Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Flowers!

A week or so ago, the kids painted terra cotta pots.
Today, we went to our local garden center and the kids picked out flowers to plant in their painted flower pots.
I left it completely up to them, which ever flowers they wanted.

After lunch, the kids planted their flowers, all by themselves!

They were so very proud :)!

Lots of tender love and careful hands!

Gracie said, "Just pat it gently, Tucker" several times lol!

 A little water makes flowers grow!

Tucker very patiently and lovingly showed Gracie how to water the plants just right.

She took careful notes.

 I'm not sure if the right kind of flower got put in the right kind of flower pot or not, but....

I'd say they're as close to perfect as anyone could get :)!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sunny Thursday

Today was a.....

grab your shades,

 don't let the bugs eatcha,

stop and smell the flowers,

hands free,

 or, maybe hold on tight,

kind of day!

Happy Sunny Thursday, Friends!