Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tucker Bug is Sick

Ugh, that's the worst, when one of your babies is sick.  When you have to just watch them hurt and not feel good, and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it....  I hate it! 
Last night Tucker was coughing pretty hard at bedtime.  He was pretty restless, calling out a couple times and Wes and I went in to his room to get him some water or just rub his back and let him know it was okay.  Then at 2:00 am, we heard, "Daddy! Mommy!  Daddy!  Mommy!  I spit up!!!"  Wes beat me into his room (because I had to find my glasses....yes, I am blind!), and I heard Wes on the monitor next, "Tiff!"  When I got there, Wes was covered in throw up, Tucker's bed was covered in throw up, and Tucker was crying, "Mommy, I spit up!"  I sat in the bathroom with him while Daddy cleaned up (bless his heart and thank the Lord for him being able to stomach it!).  Tucker got sick a few more times, each time crying, "Mommy! That was awful! Why am I spitting up?  I don't want to spit up anymore!"  My heart broke for him :(. 
By today, he was up and down.  He's had a fever all day that's reached a high of 102. 
 But Tucker Bug doesn't let a little stomach bug keep him down!

 It was 70 degrees here today!  (That's right, in November!)  Tucker saw Daddy outside mowing and decided there were things to do outside that were bigger than some stomach bug.
 Things like farm work.....
 and four-wheeler riding.
 And, yes, Gracie was very grateful that Tucker had started feeling a little better and she got to play outside.  That girl LOVES the outdoors!
 But it didn't last long before the bug got the best of Tucker Bug again, and he said he was ready to go inside.  Once inside he said (for the first time in EVER) he was ready for his nap.  He crawled into bed and within minutes was asleep. 
I'm praying this stomach bug has had enough fun with my baby boy and is long gone come morning...  I'm also praying that all the Lysol spraying and Clorox wiping somehow manages to keep Gracie and Daddy healthy.  (Unfortunately, it's a little two late for Mommy.)
Mommy loves you, Tucker Bug!

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