Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gracie's 6 Month Update

This has been sitting in draft form for a while.  So, while Gracie is now almost 14 months old, here 'was' her updates at 6 months that I just can't let go unpublished....

6 Months!

1.  At your 6 month well check you were 19 pounds, 9 ounces (75%) and 27 inches long (50%).  Personally, I think you are longer than 27 inches.  You just look very long to me compared to other babies your age (and others tell us that all the time).  Anyway, you're a chunker and we love those rolls!

2.  You cut your first tooth a few days ago, the bottom left.

3.  You are crawling.  Not beginning to crawl, but actually crawling anywhere and everywhere on your hands and knees. 

4.  AND, you are pulling up to your knees.  You LOVE to pull up.  As soon as you are put down you crawl to a chair, the stair spindles, a stool, a truck of your brother's, anything and pull up to your knees.  Then you look around with a big grin on your face waiting for someone to applaud you.  I seriously cannot believe how mobile you are already!

5. Sleep.  Well, not your most favorite thing to do.  You are up every 2 hours at night and have been for some time now.  You go to bed at 8:30-9:00 and then are up at midnight, 2:00, 4:00, 6:00 and finally 8:00 for the day.  I think it goes without saying that your mama is TIRED.

6.  You LOVE baths.  Especially now that you're no longer in the baby tub.  You love to crawl around the tub.  If I try to sit you up out of the crawling position you become very upset!  A favorite bath time activity is getting in your "Pilate's pose" (hands and toes) then dropping quickly to your knees to make a big splash. 

7.  You love taking baths with your big brother. 

8.  You've been to the beach and you love it.  Especially digging in the wet sand!

9.  And bike riding! 

10.  You take 2 naps a day, a morning one around 10 and an afternoon one around 1:00-1:30.  Your naps are anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half, sometimes 2 hours. 

11.  You are still Mommy's girl.  You like for me to be in eye sight and will become upset if you don't see me.  If you're playing in a room and you realize I have walked out, you will crawl after me, whimpering like a lost little puppy.  It's really so pitiful that Mommy has to immediately go back in and scoop you up for lots of snuggles!

12.  Only Mommy can get up with you through the night.  You scream if Daddy does.

13.  Not that you don't love your Daddy!  You absolutely adore him!  And no one can get those deep belly laughs out of you like he can.  You light up and smile ear to ear when he comes home from work.  I think you know you're Daddy is way cooler than Mommy, you just know Mommy's got the "goods" ;).

14.  Tucker is your favorite person.  Seriously, you two have a very special bond.  No matter what you're doing, if you hear him everything stops and you look and wait on him.  It is so sweet to see.  And, oh Gracie, how he loves you back! 

15.  Rattles or toys that shake are your favorite.  You'll pick one up and just shake and shake it.

16.  You also like to "drum" on things.  This makes Daddy happy because of course he would like for his little girl to be a drummer like Daddy was :).

17.  You had RSV at 5 months.  We had to ride in an ambulance to Kosair's because your blood oxygen levels were low at the doctor's office.  We were only at Kosair's for a few hours before they sent us home, but it was scary.  You had to have some breathing treatments over the days that followed, but recovered completely.  Please don't ever have us ride in an ambulance again!

18.  We are slowly starting solid foods.  To date, you have tried avocado, carrots and bananas.  Avocado is your favorite.  Mommy is making all your baby foods.

19.  You definitely know what you want and when you want it!  If you don't get your way, you will quickly become upset!

20.  With that said, you are very laid back (as long as you have your way lol!).  No, really you are pretty flexible. 

21.  Nick names include: Gracie Girl, Lil' Mama, Buttercup, Sissy, Gracie Bear, and of course, Tucker calling you "Fracie" :)

It doesn't even seem possible that we existed as a family before without you in it.  It just seems like it has ALWAYS been the four of us.  With that said, I also cannot believe that you are already 6 months old!  How does time go by so fast?! 
At 6 months you are SO full of personality!  SO happy, so sweet, so smiley, so snuggly! 
I love you more than I can even put into words Baby Girl! 
Thank you for showing me that my heart can hold more love than I ever thought imaginable!