Thursday, November 8, 2012

All About Kids

This morning we went to All About Kids.  We have spent a LOT of time here over the past year or so, especially in colder weather.  I think last winter - early Spring we were going weekly if not twice a week some times!  It's nice to have somewhere close to go where the kiddos can run and play when it's cold outside. 

Here recently, when we go, I think I get as much of a work out as the kids!  The days of Gracie napping in the Moby while Tucker jumped, climbed, ran, and played are definitely over, and have been for months now.  Chasing two kiddos around and keeping up with both of them amidst a couple dozen other kids, huge bouncies, and foam pits is more than a work out for this mama! :)

I actually had my camera in tow this morning so here's some pics of our fun.  Cousins Tatum & Nash, and friends Makenly & Kailee were there for fun too!  I didn't get quite as many pics as I would have liked to, and the ones I did manage to get weren't as good as I would have liked them because, well, did I mention I had my hands full?! 

Tatum getting off the big bouncy slide
 Nash having fun in the bouncy
 Tucker & Tatum trying not to fall in the ball pit
 Nashy Pooh!
 Gracie fell asleep right before we arrived and I could not believe she slept through the madness for the first 30 minutes or so, but she did!
 Tucker and Tatum going up the (insert name of whatever this crazy contraption thing is called!)
 Down the slide!

 These two are way more than cousins!  They are best friends and the bond they have is so special!  They absolutely LOVE each other.  The whole time all we heard from Tucker was, "Tatum, come on!  Over here!"  and from Tatum, "Tucker! This way!  Come on!"  They had to do everything together :).
 Then Gracie woke up, and Mama's job grew by 10!  Keeping up with her can be a job all in itself :).  She's a mover and a climber!  Here she is going down the slide all by herself.  Such a big girl!
 Driving the pirate ship :)
 And Gracie holds her own among the big kids in the bouncies
 My 3-year-old!
 "Mama! Watch!!!"
 Gracie Girl!
 Gracie loves these double bars!
 Nash loves the foam pits, Gracie not so much.  She likes to jump in or slide in, but then wants out ASAP.  Nash will hang around and crawl through it. Such a boy :).
 Tucker & Makenly!
 "Ready, GO!"
 Tatum balancing on the balance beam.  Look in the background, Tucker prefers the ones low to the ground :).
 Doing what she does best....climbing!
 Tucker swinging on the rope swing!
 "Watch Mama!"
 Chillin' :)
 Makenly on the trapeze!  Tucker typically enjoys this too, but today he said, "No, the line's too long!"  Lol!
 Definitely a fun morning :)

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