Monday, September 28, 2009

Daddy's lips and nose!

Today Wes and I had another doctor's appointment. This one was a little different... Following our appointment last week, the doctor thought Tucker was measuring a little big. So, she ordered an ultrasound to get an estimated fetal weight. Turns out, Tucker is right on target with his weight. However, I have some extra amniotic fluid which is making my belly measure a little big. There are no concerns with the extra fluid since all my lab work came back normal and Tucker's looking great. It's something that they'll continue to monitor and could possibly cause some early contractions. My doctor is also not worried about any potential contractions since Tucker is at the point that he would do great outside Mommy's belly. (Though, that means we're probably definitely looking at 4 1/2 weeks or less until we get to hold Tucker in our arms!)

Since everything is looking great, the appointment was extra special in that we got to see Tucker again. We haven't seen him since our only other ultrasound, at 19 weeks. This time, there was much more to see! Tucker was wide awake, with big eyes looking directly at the ultrasound wand! He was kicking, practicing sucking movements, and making kissing faces! He is SO CUTE!!! I have to say, I think that I have the cutest baby ever growing inside of me! (Yes, I know, I'm somewhat partial....)

At the end of our ultrasound, the technician said, "Let me see if I can get a 3-D image" and exchanged her wand for the 3-D one. We were able to get a quick 3-D face shot. From this, we could clearly tell that Tucker looks like his Daddy! He has his Daddy's nose and lips! Of course, since I think his Daddy is super good-looking, this is alright by me! :)

Amazing! That's all I can say! Absolutely amazing that such a perfect, beautiful, precious little human being is growing inside of me! One that God has perfectly designed just for Wes and I! It absolutely blows me away and puts me on my face in awe of God's love for me!
I just have to say, I have some AMAZING co-workers who are also great friends! On Friday, some of my besties, Bethanie, Sarah & Penny, threw a shower for me at work with a "Part 2" following at Bethanie's house. Tucker and I were very spoiled! I feel so blessed to work with such amazing individuals! Girls, y'all did such a great job! The colors were blue and green, just like Tucker's nursery. Everything from the invitations, to the decor, to the cake was done in blue and green. Perfect! :) Thank you all so much for making Tucker and I feel so special! We love y'all! :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Go Big Blue!

Go Big Blue!!!!

Let's hope Tucker likes the color BLUE! Not only does he already have lots of UK clothes, socks, shoes, and even a burp cloth that says "I drool blue and white", but he's got 2 parents who are avid UK fans! ;)

35 Weeks and Just the FACTS

Well, at 35 weeks, I feel like I've hit a wall... I really hate to complain because I feel like my pregnancy has been pretty easy so far. Pretty much, what one of my doctors called a "boring pregnancy" and went on to explain that's a good thing. So, I won't complain... What I will do is just state the facts.

First, I have had some swelling. Nothing the doctors are concerned about. My blood pressure has been normal. It's just from being on my feet so much and not being very good about keeping them up when I'm home (as I said before, I'm not good at just "taking it easy").
Apart from the fact that the "ankle thieves" have stolen my ankles and left me with something that more so resembles "cankles", my hands and wrists have also began to swell. Okay "began to swell" is not the right term. They're SWOLLEN! On top of that, I feel I have lost my last shed of dignity (as Rach put it). I am no longer wearing my engagement and wedding rings.... While I can still get them on in the morning (before the swelling takes effect each day) and off at night (after I've relaxed enough and the swelling subsides somewhat), my fingers are so swollen through the day that I'm afraid if they didn't go back down, there may be a situation that would involve having to get them cut off (the rings, not my fingers!).

Not being able to wear my rings have been really hard. Not only the fact that they are a constant reminder of my love for Wes and the commitment we made to each other over 5 years ago, but on my finger where they belong they also said, "Look, I may be several pounds heavier than I want to be, retaining water like a wet towel, and carrying around what I'm beginning to think may be a 10 pound baby, but I can still wear my wedding rings!" Nope, not anymore!

The next "fact" is that I've developed pregnancy carpel tunnel syndrome from the swelling in my wrists. This is VERY painful! Especially at night. I am now sleeping with braces on my wrists to keep my wrists from bending which makes it more painful. The braces have made a huge difference. Before them, I would wake up in the middle of the night in tears from the pain. Poor Wes, he felt so bad that there was nothing he was able to do to relieve the pain. Again, I am very thankful for the braces.

Obviously, I'm getting very little sleep these days, which makes the exhaustion I feel at the end of the work day two-fold.

I normally would NOT post such an unflattering picture of myself; however, I feel that it pretty accurately portrays exactly how I feel at 35 weeks pregnant. Wes took this picture after I fell asleep on the couch following dinner. As you can see, I'm trying to keep my feet elevated to relieve some of the swelling, while still sleeping on my side and not my back. I also have on my braces to relieve the pain in my wrists. Obviously I'm exhausted or I wouldn't be sleeping at 7:00 in the evening.

AND, I still have 5 weeks left!!! Now, I definitely want Tucker to "bake" as long as possible. I'm not rushing him to get here by any means! I would put up with carpel tunnel pain and the associated sleepless nights, and whatever else was necessary to make sure my baby remained healthy, that's for sure!
Just the facts. Just stating the facts.

Shelbyville Shower

Yesterday some amazing friends here in Shelbyville, Melissa, Jeanne & Rachel, had a shower for me and Tucker! They did such a great job! We had so much fun! Everything from the invitations, to the delicious food, to the fun game, to the time spent with great friends was absolutely perfect! Wes and I feel so blessed to have such great friends and feel even more blessed that Tucker will have so many little guys to grow up with!

Rach, Me, Melissa, & Jeanne
I had planned on getting a group photo of everyone there, because all of you are so, so important to me and mean so much to me, Wes, and Tucker; however, I got carried away in all the festivities and forgot... :(

Here are a couple of only the few pictures I did manage to get:
Jeanne's fabulous diaper cake! :)

Me and my sisters, Holli and Bridgette, and of course, my niece Makenzie.

Amy and I are only about 2 weeks apart. (I know, I know, I look months ahead of her....) Of course, Tucker gets dibs on Avery since their birthdays will be so close together! :)

Thank you to everyone for not only the very generous gifts, but for your love and support as Wes and I jump head first into the journey of parenthood! :) We love you all!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Memaw and Papa help out with Tucker's Nursery

Memaw and Papa (AKA, my Mom and Dad) helped to put some of the finishing touches on Tucker's nursery this weekend:
Mom and I made some basket liners.

And covered the cornice board that Dad and Wes made.

Tucker would like to thank his Memaw and Papa for helping to make his nursery so special!

Wes and I have had several classes at the hospital, including 3 labor classes, a class on breastfeeding, a class on what to expect after the baby is born and how to choose a pediatrician, and a tour of the labor and delivery units of the hospital. Needless to say, we have been pretty busy preparing for the arrival of our little man!

During two of our labor classes, we watched clips of three different women giving birth via natural childbirth (that is, without pain medication). I admit, I was somewhat concerned with how Wes would do watching an actual birth, without anything being blurred out or skipped over. However, he surprised me! He didn't turn his head, he didn't become ill, he didn't make any comments about it being "gross" or anything like that. Not that I expected he would do any of those things, but you never know what to expect when a guy watches something like that, right?

I'm confident that Wes is prepared for our own birthing experience. And, I know without a shadow of a doubt that he is going to be an amazing labor coach! I couldn't be more thankful to have such an amazingly supportive husband to encourage me through the labor and delivery of our son. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nine/Nine/Oh-Nine was just Fine!

A morning walk with the girls around the subdivision.
A couple loads of laundry before work.
A relatively productive day at work.
Slightly swollen feet/ankles.
Approximately 45 minutes of R & R and a snack after work.
2 hours of a really funny lactation consultant, breastfeeding babies, and all about latching on and dining in (not out).
A late (very late!) dinner.
A little Pretty Woman.
A good night sleep!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

32 Weeks...

6 Random Things I know about Tucker at 32-weeks gestation:

* He's a bit of a night owl. Almost every night, only minutes after Daddy and I tell him goodnight, he begins his kick-boxing routine, full of jabs, upper cuts, elbow blows, and high kicks!

* He LOVES music. Whether it's the praise band at church or some background music Daddy plays while we work on his nursery, Tucker wakes up and does his own version of "So You Think You Can Dance" in Mommy's belly.

* He is a good eater! I don't think I've ever been more hungry more times through out the day than I have over the past 32 weeks! Of course, that has to be because Tucker is a big eater, right?!

* He's bound to be an athlete! I mean, with the muscles that are behind his kicks and punches, he'll definitely make a good basketball, football, baseball, and/or soccer player!

* He's not easily startled. My prego books have said that I may feel the baby startle at a sudden, loud noise, such as a dog barking or if I drop something. I have yet to feel Tucker startle. He must be used to Baby and Lacy barking, which is a very good thing! Mommy will be very upset when Tucker is only days old and finally asleep and the girls decide there is an imaginary stranger outside that they have to scare away!

* He LOVES his Daddy! Tucker perks up at the sound of Daddy's voice! When Daddy talks to him, he stops and listens. When Daddy stops talking, he'll move around within a couple minutes, wanting Daddy to keep talking. Tucker and Daddy also share a special time together in the mornings, right before Daddy gets up for work. While Mommy is still sleeping, Tucker wakes up and starts to move around. Daddy puts his hand on Mommy's belly and feels Tucker moving around.

6 Random Things I know about myself as a 32-week pregnant mommy-to-be:

* Previously simple tasks are now quite a chore. Things like cleaning the house that used to be done in half a day now take several days. Other things are almost impossible, like picking up dropped soap in the shower, putting lotion on my legs with a basketball-sized belly (or, as Wes referred to it the other day, a beach-ball sized belly -- thanks Hon!) in the way, walking up a few flights of stairs, getting in and out of my car.... The list could go on and on!

* I know where all the closest restrooms are at the malls, stores, restaurants, and other areas I frequent.

* I still love being pregnant and the best part is feeling my sweet baby inside of me!

* I'm not good at just "relaxing and putting my feet up." I would not be a very good patient if I had to go on bedrest for some reason. (Lord, PLEASE don't allow that to happen!)

* I think I'm starting to get that "nesting" feeling. I have sudden urges that things need to be done IMMEDIATELY! Luckily, I have a very patient and understanding husband!

* I love Wes more now than ever before!!! And, I am head over hills in love with my son!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

"What happened to your belly?"

When you work with young kiddos and you're pregnant and evidently old, it's inevitable that you're going to have some funny stories to tell. Today, after spending an hour in a first grade classroom, I came out with a few funny stories, but I'll share one of them with you all to give you a laugh this Friday evening.

Here's a play-by-play conversation with 2 six year olds as they worked on a math assignment and I sat close by observing a little girl who was a classmate of their's.

Boy #1: Did you do this math when you were in school?
Me: Yes, I did. That was a long time ago though.
Boy #2: Yeah, that was in the olden days, uh?
Me: I guess it was. (How do you explain to a 6-year-old that NO, I am ONLY 29 years old, so I wasn't around in the "olden days!")
Boy #1: What happened to your belly?
Me: I have a baby in there (pointing to my belly).
Boy #2: My mommy had a baby in her belly!
Me: She did?
Boy #2: Yup! And she had to get her belly cut off to get it out. (Said very matter-a-factly.)
Me: (Thinking, 'Oh no, where's this gonna go!') She did?
Boy #2: Yeah, you might have to have your belly cut off too. Well, it could come out the other way. {He briefly paused and looked at me as though wondering if he should say what came next.} I know what the other way is too. (He squished his nose up.) It's kinda gross! Do you want me to tell you?
Me: Who told you about the other way?
Boy #2: My Mommy!
Boy #1: Well, my Mommy had to have a toilet plunger get her baby out!
Me: Oh look {student's name}, you skipped one of your problems. What is 5+2? (Yes, I changed the subject!)

I LOVE the un-inhibited comments that come out of the mouths of children that age! I could tell you story after story about what kids have shared with me during our one-on-one time together that their parents would be absolutely mortified over! You would be surprised at what little ones see when you think they're not looking, hear when you think they're not paying any attention, and even more surprised at how they interpret those things! I'm sure Tucker will give his teachers and other adults in his life some laughs when he talks about his Mommy and Daddy. Hopefully, those individuals will just keep those things to themselves and save me the embarrassment! :)

Happy Friday!!!!