Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Papa & Memaw's House

* Warning, picture overload! (Hey, I'm making up for lots of lost time!)

Tucker and Gracie LOVE going to Papa and Memaw's house. 
Come along on a visit and you will see exactly why.......

This particular visit was on September 8, 2012.

First, even the toys taste better at Papa and Memaw's.  Just ask Gracie Girl!

"Here, Gracie, try this one!"
And there's LOTS of undivided attention!
 And endless things to explore!

"Daddy, I don't have time for kisses!  I got things to do!" 

 And cousins to get into trouble things with!

 And there is ALWAYS dirt involved!
 Which just means an impromptu swim to get cleaned up a bit!
This actually requires some explanation....
I had this brilliant idea that since Tucker and Tatum had gotten dirty feet on the trampoline that they could clean them up in the pool (that was freezing!).  I turned my back for less than 2 seconds and Tucker just jumped on in like he's used to doing with his floaties on.  Problem was, he didn't have his floaties on this time!  I jumped in, fully clothed with tennis shoes on, to save my baby boy.  In the half second it took me to get to him, I noticed that he did really well keeping his head above water and probably would have been fine, but I wasn't taking any chances, that's for sure!
 So, Tucker and Tatum did a little skinny dipping and Mommy chased them around the pool (fully clothed).  Hey, I was already all wet!
Of course, Gracie and Nash weren't going to let big brother and big sister have all the fun!  Even though the water was cold, they didn't let that stop them!
 So, back to why Papa and Memaw's house is so much fun....  Let's see, where was I?
Oh, yes!
Lots of kisses from Memaw!
 And, of course, lots of funny faces from Papa!
 Oh, and the chance to eat hot dogs roasted on an open fire.  And cheese puffs!
 And definitely a high light - roasting marshmallows and making s'mores!

Did I mention cheese puffs?!
 "What?!  I didn't eat anything!"
 Then there's the real clean up fun!  A bubble bath in Memaw's bathtub! 
But the best thing about Papa and Memaw's.....
Now you see why when we say we're going to Papa and Memaw's house, Tucker and Gracie get so excited!  :)

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