Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It Reminds Me...

We took a quick trip to Lowe's after dinner tonight.
I had to snap this pic with my phone.

There are so many things I love about this picture.
First, the obvious reason. 
The people I love the most in the whole wide world are all in it together.
And, man, do I love them!
However, there's so much more.
First off, look at that smile on Daddy's face!  
I love that he's as happy as I am to do nothing more than take a trip to walk around Lowe's just because.
It reminds me of when we were dating in high school we used to spend our Friday and Saturday nights going to the movies and then walking around Wal-Mart talking for HOURS.
Look at the smiles that Tucker and Gracie are sportin'!
Such happy kids!
I pray that they always *want* to spend time with Wes and I, even if it's not doing anything *special*.  
I pray that "family time" isn't something that has to be planned or forced, but something that continues to just happen naturally, all the time, because we all enjoy *being together*.

We're a mess and the picture clearly shows that, another reason I love it.
Tucker has on rain boots.  
Gracie has on a pair of fresh hand-me down shoes that match neither her socks nor her outfit. 
Seriously, we're a mess like 95% of the time.
We're always rushing out of the house in mornings, just barely making it.
Or, we just accept that we're going to be late and enjoy the morning regardless.
We have a zillion and one things written on our calender.
Even more obligations.
Somehow, we make it work.
We're not spontaneous, but we're also not the best planners....
Does that even make sense?
Things just sorta happen.  Thankfully they usually work out!
A mess.

This picture reminds me of how I could hear the sound of the over-sized cart speed up followed by Tucker and Gracie's approving screams from the paint aisle when they were in the flooring department.
It reminds me of how Wes and the kids hid from me and I kept trying to sneak up on them, only to have them run away from me and hide again. 
It reminds me of how hilariously funny the kids thought that was.
It reminds me of how I thought, "I wonder if anyone has ever been kicked out of Lowe's for being too loud or running with the shopping carts??"
Of how I truly didn't care anyway.
It reminds me of the nice old man who took time from his work to talk with Tucker and Gracie and how Gracie loved it so much that when she saw him several minutes later she immediately broke out in laughter and asked for another high-five.
It even reminds me how Tucker and Gracie thought all the empty toilets sitting around the store were hilarious (which was totally instigated by Daddy!).

I told you, we're a mess!

Look closer at the picture.  Notice that Gracie is holding a pair of boots.
Before leaving the house, she was unable to decide on which pair of shoes she wanted to wear.
Of course, she did what anyone would do - she wore one pair and carried the other.
Makes perfect sense.
This picture reminds me how when she made that decision, Wes and I exchanged a look that said, "Yep, that's our girl."

It reminds me of how Tucker told Gracie that he wanted her to drive the cart first because she is "my little sissy."
Such a caring, thoughtful big brother!

How when we loaded up in the car to go to Lowe's, Tucker reminded me (for the 500th time) that he wanted a red flashlight with flames on it to take on vacation (in July) to hunt hermit crabs with at night.

Yeah, it's a little blurry, and nothing out of the ordinary.
But, this shot, this one will be a favorite :).

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cousin Time!

Somebody's big cousin thought it was time for Gracie to wear make-up!
She kept trying to see it lol!
 She seemed quite pleased!

Proof of fun:

Monday, January 27, 2014

Watching Big Brother

Found these gems on my camera that Daddy took of the kiddos this morning.

Gracie watching Tucker playing a game on Daddy's phone :)

He truly is the best big brother ever.  She adores him beyond words.

I thank God that they are so close in age.  I love watching their relationship grow.
Forever best friends.
I pray that they always have such an amazing bond between them.
Something that is unbreakable.
I pray that God uses them and uses that bond in awesome ways.
I have no doubt HE will do just that.
These two littles are going to do amazing things one day.
God has so much in store for them.
I am beyond blessed to have been chosen as their Mommy.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sledding Aftermath

Yeah, we went sledding yesterday.
These are the shedded layers upon returning home.
30 minutes to layer up the babes and only 30 seconds to get it all off.
But, they were definitely warm! :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Polar Vortex

We have had some major wintery weather around these parts over the past week or so.  
Sub-zero temps with even colder wind chill factors, snow, ice, school closings, delays, bad roads.
Saying it's frigid out is an under statement.
We absolutely do not mind winter around these parts.
We love snow.
We love sledding, building snow forts, making friends with snowmen, plowing snow with our riding toys. 

As a matter a fact, here's Tucker with our favorite neighbors, the Gaither boys, the last bit of snow we had:
And Gracie, who tolerated sledding a few times, but preferred to eat the snow until it made her too cold, sleeping all snug in the stroller while her brother sleds:

But, THIS weather is too cold to play in.  It's too cold to do almost anything in.  
You freeze in place walking to the mailbox. 
 I am serious.  
(And while I'm on the topic, will someone please remind me of this in the spring so we are motivated to evict all the millions of riding toys and whatever else that has taken over our 2+ car garage and left zero room for either of our cars....!)

On top of the snow this week, both kids were sick last week, so we have been cooped up for way too many days now!

So, what have we been up to?
You name it!  We have played board games and card games more times than I can count!

Tucker's on a big Uno kick right now.

We have swaddled, changed, rocked, wiped, fed, nursed, and sang to babies.

We have colored, drawn, glued, cut, glitter-penned (yes, thats a word), traced, crafted, and play doughed.

I promise that Tucker & Gracie weren't just randomly cutting up magazines in the pic above lol!  
We had talked about the book of Genesis in our bible study that morning and they were cutting out pictures of things God made and then we glued them all on a large poster board :). 

We built forts, had Nerf gun fights, were attacked by dinosaurs, enjoyed tea parties and dress up, held dance parties, watched live monster truck rallies, played hide-n-seek, jumped on the couch and the trampoline, rummaged in the bean bin, turned the kitchen into a train station.....

And did something that is typically pretty rare around these parts.....watched movie after movie.

And even braved the cold to go to the theater. (Something we were the only ones to do evidenced by the fact that we had the theater all to ourselves!)

Then, when all else failed, we brought the snow inside where it wasn't too cold to play.

A little food coloring makes it more interesting!

Tucker had the idea to feed the birds outside.  
A handful of bread slices and it wasn't long before they were sneaking onto the deck
and right up to the door.

However, with all that fun, we're still experiencing some cabin fever.  
Gracie says several times a day, "I ready to go Mommy."  
When I ask her where she is ready to go, she responds "Just go. Come on."  

Yeah, we're just a little over the cold....

Thankfully, come Wednesday of this week they did return to school and I could tell they enjoyed getting out finally.

I hope you have stayed warm and continue to do so. 
 It looks like the temps may warm up a little this weekend, but with those warmer temps comes more snow (tonight possibly) followed by another drop in temps...  

Old Man Winter, you are quickly wearing out your welcome!
We are ready for some brighter, warmer days!!!

The Allosaurus versus the Tyrannosaurus Rex

***WARNING:  What is shown below are graphic images.  This is not a reenactment, but an actual attack of an Allosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  If you have young viewers around or a weak stomach, closer your browser immediately.

A hungry Allosaurus employs the surprise tactic on his seemingly unexpecting prey.
(Notice the three fingers characteristic of all Allosauruses.)
 He turns swiftly in an attempt to use his massive tail as a weapon.
 The fierce T-Rex doesn't back down from a challenge, even though his attacker is bigger in size.
(Notice the two fingered hand that is characteristic of the T-Rex.)
 The two hungry meat eaters go head to head in a gory battle of pure strength, determination, and, most importantly, hunger!

 After exhaustion sets in, the two move to a stand off.
 That doesn't last long.  
Remember, these are two very hungry dinosaurs, folks.
 And though the T-Rex may have managed his foe to the ground, the brave Allosaurus goes in for the kill with his massive, 
razor-like teeth.
 But the mighty T-Rex will not go down without a fight!
 And just like that, the cards turn.  
It appears the Allosaurus is in trouble, perhaps fighting for his life.
 So he does what any intelligent carnivore does, 
he shows his prey-turned-attacker some love!
 Of course the T-Rex falls for it, 
because let's face it, they're all just gentle giants, right?

Until next time.......