Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy 15th Birthday Nick!!!!!

Happy Birthday Nick!!!! The baby of my two baby brothers turned 15 today.... Wow! It blows my mind that he is 15! (I must be getting old...) In case you forgot from Luke's birthday post last month, this is how I still think of my brothers from time to time:
And this is Nick today. This pic is from his birthday celebration. (Note: Nick is not a Louisville fan, nor is anybody in my immediate family - or I would have to disown them! - If you look closely, there is a black "X" over his shirt. He is not sure where this shirt came from, but the last time he had it on, we were sure to put that "X" there. I don't know what he was thinking wearing it on a UK game day, but it's his birthday, so we'll let it pass this one time! lol!)Here Nick is with Dad and Mom. Nick doesn't smile in pics. See, when you're a big, tough football player, you don't smile. Every pic is like a football least when you're 15!

As you can see, Wes's gag gift got a smile out of him! :)

Happy birthday Nick! We love you!!!!!!
Love, Wes, Tiff, Tucker & the girls :)

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