Thursday, December 3, 2009

Help From Big Cousin Makenzie

A few Fridays ago, I kept my sister's little girl, Makenzie. She helped me to take care of Tucker. Makenzie is a little over 2 1/2 (she'll be 3 on March 12th) and like many kiddos that age, she is hilarious! She NEVER stops talking and every other thing that comes out of her mouth is something that you can't help but to smile over.

Here are a few of our conversations:

Me: When Baby Tucker wakes up, we'll give him a bath.
Makenzie: Baby Tucker's sleeping?
Me: Yes, he's sleeping right now.
Makenzie: Is he a boy or a girl?
Me: (hearing that she used the correct pronoun) You tell me, Kenz, is Tucker a boy or a girl?
Makenzie: A boy!!!
Me: Right, and who else is a boy?
Makenzie: Jay and Maurie (her two brothers), and Daddy, and Lacy! (Lacy is one of our dogs, both of which are girls...)
Me: Good, but Lacy is a girl.
Makenzie: Oh.
Me: Is Baby Tatum a boy or a girl?
Makenzie: A girl!
Me: And who else is a girl?
Makenzie: Makenzie! And Mommy, and Holli, and Baby (our other dog) and you! (I'm not sure why she assumes Lacy is a boy and Baby is a girl.)
Me: Good!
Makenzie: (out of the blue) Do you have a bathroom in your house?
Me: (Now, of course Makenzie knows where both of my bathrooms are!) Makenzie, you know I have a bathroom!
Makenzie: I gotta poop! (and she takes off running into the bathroom).

Later conversation:
Me: I like your hair, Makenzie. It's pretty!
Makenzie: Thank you. (Smiles and shakes her head as though throwing her hair behind her and smooths it behind her ears, then looks at me with a very serious face.) Your hair is a mess.
Me: (laughing because she was right!) Yes, it is a mess.

Later conversation while I was nursing Tucker, which I got my sister's permission to do in front of Makenzie and attempted to do so as discreetly as possible.
Makenzie: What are you doing?
Me: Feeding Tucker.
Makenzie: From your belly?! (I'm thinking she thought I was feeding him from my belly because she knew that he used to be inside my belly. I actually thought that was a pretty good conclusion from a 2 year old!)
Me: Why don't you go get a book and read it to me. (Adverting the question. That's one for Mommy, not Aunt Tiff!)

Makenzie went and got a book and as she "read" it to me, every page began with "One day...." and then she would say something about what was in the picture. Too cute! :)

Another funny thing Makenzie did was to answer everything for Tucker, as though she knew exactly what he was thinking. I would ask Tucker during his bath, "Does that water feel good?" and Makenzie would answer, "Yes, it feels good." I would ask Tucker, "Are you hungry?" and Makenzie would say, "No, he's not hungry." I would ask Tucker, "Do you want to sit in your swing?" and Makenzie would say, "No, he wants to sit in his bouncy seat."

That girl cracks me up! Here are a couple pictures of her eating toast with peanutbutter, one of her favorites. :)

Tucker sure had fun with his big cousin Makenzie!

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Jeanne said...

Ha! Her comments are crackin' me up!! She is very smart!! Tucker and her are going to have alot of fun together!!