Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Prayer Request

I'm a little behind in posts.....have lots to post about. But, for right now, I have a prayer request.
One of my brothers, Luke, was hurt last Friday during his football game. He broke both the bones in his lower leg when another player fell on it. Needless to say, he was in a tremendous amount of pain, I can't even imagine.... It took EMS almost an hour to get him off the field following an IV with morphine. He had surgery Saturday morning where a rod and 3 screws were put in his leg. He spent Friday through Monday at Kosair. He came home yesterday afternoon but continues to be in a lot of pain and has a long road to recovery.
Luke is the starting QB for Henry County. Playing that position, along with Luke's personality, he feels that he has let his teammates down getting hurt. They were 2 wins away from making it to state (they lost Friday) and had very good chances of getting those 2 w's.
I know that Luke will work hard, probably impressing his therapists, and will be back on the field (well, the weight room since the season is over) in no time. With all our prayers for a successful recovery, that will happen even quicker!

Believing in the power of prayer....

Luke and Tucker

Luke, Shelby (Luke's girlfriend), and Tucker

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