Friday, November 13, 2009

Nosey Neighbor

I've become "that neighbor". It wasn't intentional, I swear! But, when you spend a majority of your day sitting in a chair in a window, you can't help but to see things, right?

The glider in Tucker's nursery sits in the bay window. I usually open the blinds through the day to let some sunlight in since Bubby and I spend so much time in that chair. While I nurse and talk and sing to Tucker, I occasionally look out those windows. I now feel like this nosey neighbor because I know so much senseless information about my neighbors. Like, for example, the yellow house across the street from us never gets mail. That's right, the mail lady just drives on past their mailbox. Weird, right? I mean, who doesn't get any mail? Everyone at least gets junk mail and those useless flyers, right? Speaking of the mail lady, she doesn't stop at the stop sign when she pulls out of our street. She does kind of a yielding stop and keeps on going. Rule breaker!

Oh, and last week, I think the girl that lives diagonal from us on another street went into labor at 3:00 a.m. I was nursing Tucker and heard a car alarm go off. It's usually so quiet in our subdivision, so I peeked out the blinds. It was their car and I saw her and her husband get inside. I know that she is pregnant and I want to say her due date is/was next week. The only explanation I have for them getting in the car at 3:00 am and not coming back for a couple days would be that they had their baby!

Oh, and the boy that lives in the cul de sac of our street always walks his little brother to the end of our street to catch the bus for school in the mornings. He waits with his little brother who is probably 7 years old or so and then walks home and gets himself ready for school. He then returns to the bus stop an hour later to catch his school bus (he's in high school).

Oh, and there is this lady that walks around the subdivision every day with a thing around her waist that holds her water bottle. She walks very slowly, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. I don't see how she walks fast enough to warrant a water bottle. And she's only probably about 45 years old.

Oh, and the people that live in another house diagonal from us get a lot of company every afternoon. I actually think it's just the wife. The husband works. I wonder what they do every afternoon? There are usually 4 or 5 cars there...

Then there's this really crazy lady who has 2 dogs, never has make up on, and looks like she hasn't showered for the day yet. She lets the dogs out a few times a day and then gets really upset when they don't listen to come back inside. She must have a baby inside because she stands on her deck and yells at the dogs - who look at her like she's lost her mind - and then runs back in the house really quickly. She then returns, very frustrated, to yell at the dogs again until they finally come inside. Oh, wait! That would be me!


Anonymous said...

You are so funny!!! I'm nosey too. Too bad my neighbors don't live close enough for me to spy on them better. :) Melissa

Jeanne said...

HA! Your analysis sounds like exactly what I would do!! lol!!!

My guess is the lady with no mail has a PO box. Maybe travels for work and doesn't want that junk mail in her box attracting any burglars.

I thinking the lady with the company must play alot of bunko or bridge or something.

So have you seen any pink or blue balloons around that girls house? You will have a neighborhood watch going on once she gets home from the hospital! lol!

As far as the crazy lady with 2 dogs and the newborn...she gets a pass! Who can act normal with minimal sleep!

Maybe when Tucker gets older and your up for a walk you could join the slow walker lady. Maybe she needs someone to show her how fast you have to walk to burn some calories!

Tiffany Magness Keene said...

Jeanne, you crack me up! See, if I was a talented blogger like you, I would have thought to come up with some funny guesses like that! :)

Stover's site said...

FUNNY post! I love it! OH - i did some crazy things while I was nursing, for sure. I did a lot of reading. I don't know if you're comfortable enough yet, but man, I would turn on the closet light just a little so it would shine just right on my book but not in his eyes and I would read away. I also prayed more when I was nursing and pumping than ever before (or since) in my life. What special times! Love you!