Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tucker's 1st Bath (a little late being posted!)

Tucker's umbilical cord stump didn't fall off until he was 4 weeks old! I began to think that thing would never fall off! I thought I would be giving my 2 year old a "sponge bath"! Fortunately, on the day he turned 4 weeks, it came off (with a little extra twisting from my mom!).

The following day, Tucker had his first real, whole-body-in-the-water bath.

We definitely started out as beginners, that's for sure! Wes and I were so awkward trying to get him clean and keep him warm. I had been doing his sponge baths in the guest bathroom on the sink counter. It's small and I would turn the heat up and shut the door to get it nice and toasty in there. I should have stayed with that for his first bath. Wes and I put the baby tub over the kitchen sink instead.... Tucker was looking at us like we had lost our minds and was probably wishing he had more experienced parents!!! He didn't cry, but if the chaos had lasted any longer, he probably would have! Here are some pics to commensurate the day:
Can I escape this mess?
Okay, I've had enough!
This picture shows how wet I got, with both water and pee! (Please ignore the fact that I have no make up on and my hair is mess! It was a Saturday morning!)
Daddy and Tucker
It wasn't easy, but I'm clean!

The second bath went much more smoothly. We went back to the guest bathroom. Tucker LOVED this bath and every bath since. He just lays in the tub and enjoys being cleaned and hearing the water splash. He especially loves water poured over him from a cup. (I think it helped that we didn't use that stupid thing that goes over the top of the tub....I now think maybe that's what I was supposed to use to do the sponge baths???) The most important thing is that we've got it down! We know have a nice little routine and bath time is enjoyable for all of us! :)

This is the life!

While we've definitely gotten much, much better and coordinated with his baths, here was what the bathroom looked like after his 2nd bath. I had to laugh because I felt we did so much better the 2nd time around until I walked in the bathroom to clean things up!

And because I can't resist posting cute pics of my Bubby:

Things are much better now and I think Tucker would agree! :)

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Jeanne said...

I love all the pictures!! How CUTE!!! Bath time is always fun at our house too...and usually a mess as well!