Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy 1 Month Tucker!!!

Dear Tucker Bug,

I cannot believe you are 1 month old already! It really seems like just yesterday Daddy and I were finding out that God had blessed us with a son and now you are here and are 1 month old!!!

Last week we had your 4 week check up. You are 23 1/2 inches long (97%) and 9 pounds and 1.5 ounces (50%). I think you're going to be tall and lean, just like your Daddy! Speaking of Daddy, you sure do look like him! When we have our special times early in the morning and I rock you and talk to you and you just look up at me, I can't help but to think how much you look like your Daddy. I pray that you also inherit Daddy's other qualities as well. His patience, his easy-going personality, great sense of humor, drive to succeed, love for God and his family, his selflessness, wisdom, integrity, empathy for others...I could go on and on. You are so lucky to have your Daddy as a role model and he loves you more than I can even put into words!

I know that time will keep flying by and you'll grow up so fast! Right now, I just want to enjoy every second with you! There are so many things that I don't want to ever forget! Like your smell. Who knew that a mixture of Aveeno lotion, breast milk, pee and poop could smell so sweet! :) I could just hold you and smell you for hours! And your little noises you make! You occasionally make little squeaks when you're content. You have a growl sound you make when you've slept a little past your eating time and you get so excited when Mommy gets ready to feed you that you start to growl! You have a humming sound that you make sometimes while you sleep. Not when you're in a deep sleep, but when you're so comfortable that you're not quite sure you want to wake up just yet. Then, you'll start to hum to yourself. We have this on video, it is very cute! You also have a little sound you make when you're not happy. When you're trying to go to sleep and Daddy or I mess with you to keep you up, you make that sound. Oh, and the sweet sound you make while nursing (your absolute favorite thing to do!). Mommy loves that sound!

I don't ever want to forget how you curl up on my chest when I burp and rock you. You even hold onto my shirt color sometimes. You LOVE for me to hold you while you sleep. Sometimes I think I see one of your eyes open just for a quick peek to make sure Mommy is still holding you.
I don't want to forget how you pucker that bottom lip out when you pout. You rarely cry at all, but when you're not happy, you'll pucker that lip out and give Mommy a look that melts my heart. Of course, I sweep you up and remind you how very much I love you and everything is okay again.

I don't ever want to forget the look in your eyes when we have our "special time" early in the morning. You're wide awake and Mommy tells you how very much her and Daddy love you and how special you are. You look into my eyes as if you understand every word. I don't ever want to forget how good it feels to just hold you and to snuggle and cuddle you! You are definitely Mommy's snuggle bug!
Oh my gosh, and you're facial expressions! You have so many cute little faces that Daddy and I love! We try to mimic them to see if we can get you to make them again. You study our faces as if you're figuring something out. It won't be long before you're mimicking us!

I never want to forget your chubby little knuckles, the rolls around your wrists and ankles, and the dimples on your knees! All some of my favorite kissing spots! :)

I cherish our "talks". Sometimes, you sing to me. You'll make your humming noise when I stop talking and I'll ask you if you're singing for Mommy and you just look at me with your beautiful eyes and keep on humming! I could listen to your beautiful music forever!

Obviously, you are developing quite the personality! You know what you want and you know how to get it! Usually, it's just a little look that you give Mommy or Daddy, or a little sound you make to get us to come running over and pick you up. You even know how to let us know that we're getting on your nerves! :)
Right now, your favorite song is You Are My Sunshine. Your favorite books are God Gave Us You and On the Night You Were Born. Even at your young age, you love to be read to. You will sit in our lap and look at the pages as we read to you. You enjoy your swing. Mommy probably shouldn't allow you to fall asleep in it as it could create a bad habit, but I do anyway... (Usually I just put you in it so I can get something done, like unload the dishwasher or pump, and within a matter of minutes, you're asleep!)

Tucker, your Daddy and I love you more than we could ever put into words. You are truly a blessing from God, one that we are eternally grateful for. Daddy and I talk about how we would do anything for you! That our love for you transcends all else. Our life is forever changed, forever better, forever complete!

One month! Wow!

Mommy and Daddy love you Bubby!


Marsh Family said...

Oh sweet. I can relate to every word. It made me tear up to think that it wasn't but just a moment ago that Sarah Kate was that small and now she's already 3! It does fly by but it sounds like you are enjoying every second and absorbing every little moment. The truly are gifts from above. What a lucky little boy Tucker is to have you and Wes for parents! OH, and just so you know...I'm about to just die to get my hands on him. But, I'll wait. :) Let the flu season finish it's crud and then I'm on my way, girl. :)

Angie Wilson said...

He is absolutely beautiful! Girl time flies by! It's one month today one year tomorrow! We just celebrated Jaxon's 1st birthday yesterday! Cherish each and every moment!

Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

Tucker is a little doll baby. It was so good to see y'all last night, Tiff. I was getting the fever cuddling with Tucker, but I will hold off until I finish my "boot camp":).