Saturday, November 28, 2009

Play Time!

Tucker has started to enjoy his toys more and more. It started that he would just follow them with his eyes, then he started cooing and growling at them. Play time has definitely gotten more fun and it's fun to see how Tucker responds to different toys. We have a toy hanging above his changing table and about 2 weeks ago, Tucker started reaching for it. At first I thought it was coincidental when his hand swiped it, but then I realized he was doing it intentionally!

See for yourself:

First, he studies it. Then he begins to coo and growl at it.Then he goes in for the strike!A little closer.....And SCORE!
He is SO CUTE when he does this! Every time we put him on his changing table, he looks at that toy as if to say, "Hey! I thought I already took care of you! What are you doing back?!"
That's my Tucker Bug!!! :)

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