Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Joshua!!!!

I'm a little late on this post....(Baby Keene has taken over my post subjects.)

Our nephew, Joshua, turned 6 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) on April 12th. Wow, I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT believe he is 6! It just doesn't feel like it's been that long ago that I was feeding him baby food and chaning his diaper when he would visit! They grow up fast, that's for sure!

Joshua is such a smart boy. He goes to a magnet school where half of his day is taught in Spanish, including math and science. He LOVES sports, especially football and basketball. And he is REALLY good to be only 6 years old. He is the best big brother ever, very protective, especially when it comes to his little sister Makenzie. It's so sweet to see him tend to her. He will make such a great big cousin to Baby Keene! If we have a boy, there is no doubt he will attempt to follow his big cousins, Joshua and O'mauri, everywhere and try to do everything they do. (And I'm sure, get on their nerves!) :)

Happy Birthday, Jay! We love, love, LOVE you very, very much!!!!

Here is a picture of Joshua and his mommy.

This year, Joshua's birthday fell on Easter, so it was doubly fun for him. He got Easter gifts as well as birthday gifts. He was so happy and thankful for everything he got. To top it off, the weather was great, especially for some kite flying.
Here are some pics of Wes helping Joshua to fly his kite.

Below Dad is helping O'mauri with his kite. (You can see Baby is in the mix and Lacy was around somewhere!)
Makenzie was way more concerned
with her Easter Eggs :)

Here is a picture of me holding Tatum. Next year at Easter, I'll be holding Baby Keene!!! Wow, by then, Baby Keene will be over 5 months old!!!!

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