Monday, May 4, 2009

Derby '09

Wes and I went to Keeneland on Derby Day. Yeah, I know, we went East when the Derby is West, but Keeneland is a lot less crowded, a little more low key, which suits our style. After coming really close to hitting a pretty nice exacta (we had 1st place, and there was a photo finish for 2nd, with our horse coming in 3rd by the hair of it's close!), we were thinking maybe lady luck wasn't on our side. Which would have been fine, we had a really good time and wouldn't have counted the day as a loss at all. However, before leaving to have dinner at Malone's (one of our very favorite places that we don't visit too often since moving to Shelbyville), we decided to place some bets on the Derby. At the last minute, Wes went with Mine That Bird. He based this last minute decision on the jockey, same one that had the awesome win in the Oaks with Rachel Alexandra. So, our $2 bet was enough to cover our dinner at Malone's, which is always nice! :) I'm sure there are some very happy people who made a decision to go with a long shot that day!
Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Derby Day!!! I've seen so many pictures so far and all I got to say is that I got some friends that are way more fashionable than me! Hats and all, very impressive ladies!!!


Marsh Family said...

You look adorable! And whoever told you that you looked like you could be carrying twins is out of her mind. (Sorry, it's true) You look're glowing! Glad you had some luck at the track!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful couple! You look awesome in white - and you are still not showing one bit. I know that I was breaking out the elastic jeans at your stage:). And props to Wes for backing Mine that Bird!!! - Rachel