Sunday, May 10, 2009

You are my "I love you!"

Does Mother's Day include mommies-to-be?

I didn't expect much for Mother's Day because I'm not 'officially' a mother (yet!!!). Okay, that statement is not completely true... I will admit that I did expect a card from Wes. But, not in terms of "He better get me a card," but more so because Wes is the King of card-giving. He always has been, since we were 16 years old. He gets me a card for every occasion, and for no occasion at all. And he doesn't just sign the card, he writes me a sweet letter in every card. I have saved them all, since 1996, so I have lots and lots and LOTS of these sweet cards from the love of my life. They are absolutely priceless to me. I have them in a plastic tub in the closet of our guestroom. Every time I clean that closet out and try to cram more "stuff" in it in some sort of organized fashion, I contemplate moving that tub to the attic. After all, I could just keep a smaller shoe-sized box for the cards I get and then move them to the tub in the attic twice a year or so, to save space. However, I always think that the attic would make them less accessible and if our house ever caught fire, or I had only a matter of seconds to grab what I could before escaping for whatever reason, I would definitely grab that tub. (Along with a notebook I have full of letters that my mom wrote to me from the time I was born until I was 2 years old, and the bar stools I have that used to be my grandmother's -- not that I've thought about this too much or anything!)

Anyway, so now you know that I did expect that Wes would get me a card. But that's not all.... Aside from being the King of card-givers, Wes is also the best gift-giver. His gifts always have meaning behind them. He puts so much thought into the gifts he gets me. He is so good at this! I admit, I'm not at all! I am a procrastinator, and when it comes to gift-giving, unfortunately, I'm no different. It's usually the week of whatever the event, and I'm trying to rack my brain for a meaningful, sentimental gift. Sometimes I hit the lottery, other times it's some new socks and a video game (which Wes is thankful for, no doubt). My gifts are usually practical, that's for sure; but Wes's gifts that he gives, they are always meaningful and sentimental. He's a true romantic at heart!
With all that being said, Wes actually didn't get me a gift directly, but the gift he did get was the best gift EVER!!! I truly will cherish it forever. The gift he got was for Baby Keene. It was the book "You Are My I Love You." Now this book is sweet enough. It tells the story of a baby bear and it's parent (could be either mama bear or papa bear) as they go through a day of activities. Each page says "I am your ____________; you are my __________." It ends with "I am your good night kiss; You are my I Love You." However, it wasn't only the book, but the letter that Wes wrote to Baby Keene inside the front cover of the book. I got through the first line and, or course, started crying. Wes literally had to read it to me because I couldn't read it. (Of course, I had already started tearing up while reading the card Wes got me and what he wrote inside it, that by the time I got to the book, there was no hope!) Here is a picture of the book and the sweet letter Wes wrote inside. I'm hoping that if you click on the picture that it will be large enough for you to read the letter. We will have to get a duplicate copy of this book, because once Baby Keene is big enough to reach and grab for things, I won't want him or her to have access to the book for fear he or she may rip or damage the book. It is definitely a keep sake! He or she may not be happy when they are 5 months old trying to put the book in his or her mouth and Mommy is grabbing it away saying, "No, no, no!" However, I'm sure when Baby Keene is older, maybe about to me a mommy or daddy his or herself, he or she will appreciate that I took the extra effort to protect this very special book.
Thank you, Daddy! You are already the very BESTEST Daddy in the whole world, and Baby Keene loves, loves, loves you so, so, SO MUCH!!! (And Mommy is head-over-heals in love with you!)
Wes, YOU are MY I Love You! And, Baby Keene, YOU are Mommy's and Daddy's I LOVE YOU!!!


Jeanne said...

oh geez! tears are running down my face! Bernie is going to think I am crazy!! lol!! what a sweet daddy!! Not a typical guy to express his feelings that well! I am soo impressed, I am not even going to tell Bernie! It will make him feel bad!! lol!! I had no idea about that side of Wes! I am so impressed! You are a lucky girl!!! How sweet!


Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

AWWWWW. I am with Jeanne. Tears for sure. Wes is already such a great daddy - and yes, you are a mommy already! Can't wait to meet Baby Keene...

Stover's site said...

okay -so I didn't even click on the letter yet and I'm crying. How sweet! I love ya'll and love sharing life and love and kids with ya'll!