Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Are You My Mother?

You know the children's book, "Are You My Mother?" It's the one where the baby bird falls out of his nest and goes around asking various characters if they are his mother in an attempt to find his mama. (A top 5 favorite of Makenzie, that's for sure!) Well, Baby Keene is hearing voices now, and today especially since I had 4 ARC meetings, I couldn't help but smile as I thought, "Baby Keene will definitely know that I am his or her mother when he or she comes into this world!" I mean he or she gets to hear me talk at least a million words a day! Especially on a day like today that is full of meetings where I talk for 30-45+ minutes nonstop reviewing evaluation results with parents, conference with school counselors, meet with students, and work with teachers on student concerns. (And that's a day without dictating a million reports!) Not to mention lunch breaks with co-workers, singing in the car on my 30-minute drive to and from work, and the one-sided conversations I have with him or her regularly! The poor child HAS to be somewhat tired of hearing Mommy go on and on all day long. Maybe that's why he or she enjoys Daddy's bedtime stories so much! ;)

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Jeanne said...

very cute blog! I love children's books! yes, we talk too much as women. But maybe that why God made us that way, so our babies would know EXACTLY who to go for everything!!! (Dads for some stuff too--its just that they hear us more!)

When I was preggo with Mark I thought he might enjoy the loud rowdyness of my 1st graders! (especially at the end of the school year)