Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nick Names

Poor Baby Keene..... Undoubtedly, he or she will be given a nick name or two (or ten!) by Mommy and Daddy. It will probably be embarrassing, maybe even humiliating by the time he or she is in middle school, but it will definitely be cute and endearing! The reason I am so sure such a name will be endowed upon him or her is because just today I have probably called each of my two dogs by three or more nick names and do so regularly.

Baby's nick names include:
* Baby Girl
* Puppy
* Puppy Girl
* Presh (short for Precious)
* Doodle Butts
* Punkins

Lacy's nick names include:
* Lacy Bear
* Sissy
* Sissy Girl/Bear
* Snuggle Bugs
(She doesn't have as many because she hasn't been around as long as Baby has!)
Of course, they are both referred to as "the girls" or "girlies".

The funny thing is, they know these names and respond to them. That's how often they're used.

While I was talking to Baby Keene the other night, a nick name just slipped out! I immediately just stopped and Wes and I just looked at each other and shook our heads. We know he or she is doomed....

How about you all? Do you have nick/pet names you use for your kiddos? My friend, Kristin, had a whole post about all the nick names for her precious little girl, Sarah Kate. I'm assuming this is something all parents do, though I didn't really have any growing up, other than "Tiff" (which, by the way, everyone in my family calls me. I don't remember the last time they used my full name, whether talking to me or about me.). Share those cute little names, Mommies! :)


Jeanne said...

oh yeah! I had some nicknames, Jeanne rhymes with too many things! Mark has a few....they are funny....good idea for blog.

Mine: Jeanne the Bean, String Bean, Mean Jeanne the Dancin' Machine, Beano (my least favorite), double deuce (for obvious reasons)or just plan Mean Jeanne (which I like to think its for my tenacious court behavior and not my personality off the

Mark's: Mark Mark (given by his friend from Mothers Day Out), Baby Mark (which he is still called by certain friends) Markie, and Markie Boy (which was given by my niece who is only 8 months older than him and its so funny to hear HER say it with her country accent!) I thought I would call him Mark J, but it hasn't stuck yet...

Stover's site said...

Well, when Jacob was in utero, he had MANY nicknames... I subscribed to Baby Center online...each week it compared the size of the baby to something - usually a fruit.  My father in law came up with all kinds of crazy names - "newton" - because he was the size of a fig, "the hulk" because he was the size of a lime and they're green... weird I know, but it was fun to get his weekly nicknames.  Billy and I called him "little bit" - especially after we found out he was a boy.  It took on many forms - "Bitterson," "bitty bit", "the Bit,"... well, that one stuck.  We still call him the bit - a lot!  When we found out we were preggo a second time, the baby quickly became "baby bit."  Now, they have several silly names:Jacob - "Jacob man", "Baby J", "Jakey Poo"  Jonathan - "biggin" (country for Big One), chunk, "Big Bad Jon", "Baby Jon", little garbage disposal"so fun!  Great post idea!  Love ya lots - call me wednesday when you find out!!!