Thursday, April 30, 2009

Twins?!?! Are you serious?!!?

NO, I'm not having Twins! At least not that I know of! The title of this post comes from a comment a co-worker made a couple days ago. Before I throw her out to the wolves that are reading this and I know y'all mommies out there will sympathize with me, (even if you've never been there, at least because you'll feel sorry for me!), let me at least explain to an extent...

First of all, I go from days where I feel like I barely look pregnant to days where I feel I could pass for being 6 months pregnant. Okay, okay, so the latter definitely out weighs the barely-pregnant-feeling these days, I've definitely got the "Baby Bump" going on (and then some!). On top of that, I'm at the point where the clothes in my closet that still fit me are slim pickin! Luckily (or unluckily as I soon found out), I have a few shirts that could maybe pass for maternity shirts. You know, the ones that have the high waist and then sorta flare out. They were in style at some point, probable not so much anymore. This particular shirt, while definitely not a maternity shirt (it was purchased at American Eagle about a year ago), seemed to add to the pregnant look. I was surprised myself at how pregnant I looked when I put it on, but I shook off the little mini-me sitting on my shoulder saying, "People are going to think you're 6 months pregnant!" and wore it anyway.

With all that said, here's how the [brief] conversation with my coworker , who will remain nameless, went:

HER: Wow! You've really got a baby bump now!
ME: Yeah, it's starting to get obvious!
HER: How far along are you again?
ME: Almost 14 weeks.
HER: You're really showing then!
ME: (slight pause...) Um, yeah, um, I think this shirt adds to things somewhat...
HER: Do twins run in your family?
{At this point, it's a good thing she couldn't read my mind!}
ME: [awkward laugh] I don't think I'm having twins.
HER: Well, you could be!
ME: [again, awkward laugh] Well, I'll cross that bridge if I ever come to it. See ya later!

Not sure what she said next cause I was outta there!

Again -- TWINS?! Are you serious!?

I don't hold anything against her. But, it is hard being at the point where none of your clothes fit, but you don't feel quite ready for maternity clothes. (And thanks to some great friends, I do have some to get me started!) Then someone makes a comment about you being "too pregnant looking." I just remind myself that no matter what, my goal is to keep myself healthy and to keep the most precious life that's growing inside of me healthy. If that means dodging uncomfortable conversations and comments, then so be it!

And so goes mommy-hood! :)
This picture is obviously unrelated. It's from our trip during Spring Break to VA Beach. I just wanted a picture of me and my amazingly supportive husband, who I feel extremely blessed to be sharing this whole experience with. He is going to be such a wonderful Daddy! Words can not come close to expressing my gratitude for how much he supports and loves me, unconditionally. I am so looking forward to the amazing plans God has in store for us and our growing family! :)

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Anonymous said...

are you kidding me???!!! You barely look pregnant to me! You DONT look like your having twins!!! Girl! Dont even sweat!! and I hate to say it...but those comments dont get much better! I think pregnancy also helps you grow thicker skin!!