Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Spring!

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching. The reason I know this is the case is because when I came home from the gym earlier in the week, I heard not one, not two, not three, but FOUR mowers going on our street. Wes was one of them. Subdivision living is funny, in so many ways, but the one that relates to this post is the "my-yard-looks-just-as-good-as-if-not-better-than-your-yard" mentality. It's inevitable that when one neighbor begins to mow their lawn, at least one or two more will follow. Sometimes I think I can literally hear the husbands inside their homes say to the wives, "Well, there goes (Wes, John, Jeremy, Glenn, Scott....) mowing his lawn, guess I better get ours done...."
Summer is also a time for outdoor projects to get done (or maybe just started if your life is anything like ours!). When I came home from helping out with the basketball clinic at our church this morning, Wes was at the neighbor's, about 12 feet off the ground! Him and Jeremy are working on putting up a roof over Jeremy and Jamie's deck. When they finish their deck, ours is next. Considering that the sun sets in the back of our house and we rarely use our deck because its so hot back there in the summer, I cannot wait for this project to be completed!!! (I'll be sure to catch a photo of the two of them working and post it soon!)

Today is a great day for some outside work. I love working on the yard, especially the landscape. Wes and I have plans to go to Lowe's today, along with a million other places on our errand run. We'll see what we are able to accomplish, or at least "start" on today! :)

Happy Spring ya'll!!! :)

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