Sunday, May 24, 2009

Embrace the Belly!!!

I always thought when I became pregnant, I would show off my belly at every opportunity. I mean that's one of the fun parts of being pregnant, and a woman with a round pregnant belly is beautiful; it's an outward sign of the beautiful life that God has blessed her with!

However, for some reason (I'm sure it has to do with the "twin comment"), I've found myself avoiding certain clothes for fear of appearing "too pregnant". I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that I've actually opted for clothing that didn't make me look "that pregnant", partly explaining my long-time battle with maternity clothing (which definitely add to the pregnant look and are now inevitable). After talking with a friend about this subject Friday (thanks Donna!), I've decided I'm robbing myself of one of the perks of being pregnant, and one of the things I was looking forward to!

So..... I'm now embracing the belly! :)

As a side note, I can't take full credit for this "decision"..... Even though I'm all-about-the-belly, Baby Keene has weighed in (literally) on this one as well. Baby Keene has made his or her existence fully known over the past couple weeks. Some people comment that it happened almost over night; however, since Wes pretty much follows me around with the camera, I can assure you that it has been a steady progress! :)

So here is a picture of Baby Keene at 17 weeks, in utero of course, for all of cyber world! Isn't he or she absolutely beautiful?! :)


Marsh Family said...

Love it girl! You look beautiful!

Mommy Perks said...

What a cool picture! You look gorgeous and you should be embracing that belly! It's only going outward from here, so it's best to slap on a tight t-shirt and start enjoying the extra smiles :)

Anonymous said...

I had a tough time transitioning into maternity clothes for the first couple of weeks. It was easier to wear stuff that didn't make me look so preggo - to avoid any inappropriate comments (which I did hear btw). But you are right, it's freeing to just embrace the stretchy jeans and tie tops. You look awesome, Tiff! XOXO- Rachie

Jeanne said...

Go for it! you look awesome!!! Please keep taking pics, for you and Wes's memory books as well as the Baby!! Its time to love that belly and not worry what others think--even though you will have to bear their comments the next 23 weeks! You are perfect!!

Tiffany Magness Keene said...

Thanks for the comments, girls! You all are awesome for a prego girl struggling with the ever-expanding bellly! :)