Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baby Girl Keene

I have this fear that my daughter will think she's not as loved as her older brother due to the lack of posts while she's snuggled in Mommy's belly.  That is not the case at all!  Her Daddy and I very much love her!  Probably even more than we loved Tucker at this point simply because Tucker has shown us what it means to be "Daddy" and "Mommy" and the love that we are able to have for our children.  I just hope she understands how busy her big brother keeps Mommy and how much less time I have for blogging now than I did when he was in my belly.  (Not to mention how much more tired I am this time around!)

I cannot express how excited we are to be having a daughter!  Tucker is going to be such a good big brother, so protective of his baby sister, I already know it.  That makes my heart smile :) 

A GIRL!  That's right, I haven't even given her a post announcing that she is in fact a SHE :). 

Already, at 29 weeks in utero, this is what I know about Baby Girl Keene (who does in fact have a name, but that has to be a post in and of itself....I have to at least give her that!  Remember, this was Tucker's.)

* She is a mover.  Busy.  Active.  There is not a time of day that she doesn't move.  And when she moves, she moves.  Not a little jab to remind me that she's there (not that my over-sized belly would let me forget anyway), but rolls and jabs and kicks and more rolls and jabs and kicks.  I read that if you want to count kicks you should count at least 10 per hour.  I did this one day and had 10 movements within the first 3 minutes! 

*  She gets the hic-cups.  Tucker never did this.  She gets them pretty regularly.

*  She loves sweets.  I have a huge craving for sweets, it has to be because she loves them so much, right? ;)

* She is a night owl.  She moves what seems like all night long, and considering she moves at all hours of the day too, I'm not sure when she sleeps!  I'm hoping this isn't a sign that she will be one that survives on very little sleep!  Please, Baby Girl, PLEASE like to sleep!

*  She likes attention.  She made herself known way early and in a BIG way.  I think I said this in a previous post, but I started showing with her WAY earlier than I did with Tucker.  And not just a little bit like "Is that girl preggers or did she just eat a Thanksgiving dinner?" but in a "Please don't have your baby in my check out lane!" kind of way.  (Yes, a lovely cashier at Target said that to me, and I think I was all of 25 weeks or so along.  Gggrrrrr!)

*  She LOVES Daddy and Tucker!  She always moves when she hears them playing!  She just can't wait to join in on all the fun!

*  Even as much as she likes attention, she can be shy.  When I tell someone she's moving and they put their hand on my belly, she will stop.  I like to think that she's extra smart and can tell that's someone else's hand and is playing a little trick ;)

*  She is happy and likes to smile :).  We have a shot from our ultrasound to prove it.

*She already has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger.  Oh my goodness, this little princess is going to be spoiled by her Daddy, that is for sure.  He can't even talk about her without getting this huge grin on his face (of course, he gets the same silly grin when he talks about Tucker too!).  Mommy can't wait to watch their father-daughter relationship form!

*  I asked Daddy to give me something about her and he said, "She's strong-willed because when she's supposed to be sleeping, she's not."  For some reason, I think she will undoubtedly be strong willed.  She'll get that one from her Mommy, and that will be something that turns Mommy's hair grey..... 

* She is SO loved! 
Baby Girl,
You already hold such a special place in our little family.  And a very special place in Daddy and Mommy's hearts!  We are so anxious to meet you and hold you and snuggle you and spoil you!  Even your big brother is excited (well, sort of!).  It's amazing how much we can love someone so small that we haven't even laid eyes on yet, but we do!  We love you to the moon and back times infinity!!!
Your Mommy


Mama Perks said...

Look at you rockin' that belly :) You look absolutely phenomenal and you are ALL belly girl!

Stover's site said...

That pic is h-o-t!!!! You look amazing. Can't wait to meet little miss keene. Love you!