Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy 7th Anniversary!!!

On July 3rd, Wes and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! We were in Florida at the time and thanks to some awesome friends, we got to celebrate with a rare date that involved a wonderful, slowly-eaten meal with real conversation (though much of it centered around Tucker :) ), and capped it off with a banana split and a stroll down the beach (where we witnessed a marriage proposal!).

So, in honor of our 7 years as a very happily married couple, here are 7 things about Wes and I that you may or may not already know:

1. We were high school sweethearts. We started dating the summer after our sophomore year. And not one of those on-again/off-again couples, we never broke up all through high school or through college until we were married after we both graduated college.

2. In high school, we were both nominated for the "Most Talented" superlative. (I'm still a little bitter over the fact that we didn't get "Cutest Couple". Ok, I'm just kidding, I don't even know if that was a category lol!)

3.  The first gift Wes gave me was the North Star.  Yeah, kinda corny but way sweet, right??

4.  Even after all these years (15!) we still love to just hang out with each other and can have a conversation for hours (given there's not many opportunities to talk that long without being interrupted by our beautiful 21 month old!). 

5.  We get each other cards for every occasion and even no occasion at all.  And we always write in our cards.  I don't mean a simple "I love you, Love Tiff."  I mean a sweet note that's at least 200 characters.  (Okay, so I made the 200 character part up!)

6.  We still make each other laugh, I mean real belly laughter that has you running to the bathroom.  (Well, maybe I'm the one running to the bathroom these days ;)).

7.  I asked Wes to give me a fun fact about us and he said, "We like to take naps."  There you have it folks!

And just for the entertainment of any loyal readers as well as my children who will hopefully one day read back through this blog, here are a couple pics from Wes and I at prom our senior year.  (Please excuse the poor quality, these are actually pictures of old pictures I came across.) 

I am so lucky and so blessed to be married to my best friend!  Thank you, Wes, for being such an amazing husband, and an even more amazing father!  Thank you for loving me the way that you do, unconditionally and un-ending!  I look forward to our next 7, and the next 7, and the next 7, and the next 7, and........
I love you more than you could ever know!!!
Love, Me :)


Mama Perks said...

Awww-what a sweet post about your sweetie :) You and Wes remind me SO much of Colin and I!

And girlfriend! Looks like we both rocked white dresses to our senior prom-we truly are meant to be friends ;) haha! MISS YOU!

Shea said...

I love the pictures of you and Wes!! You all are so cute!