Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tucker's Big Boy Bed

Okay, I have been so hesitant to write this post for fear of jinxing us.....  So, before you read any further, knock on wood with me and when you are done reading, pray for us!

Tucker has been sleeping in his big boy bed!  He's been taking naps in it since Friday (5 days now) and sleeping in it at night for 4 nights now!  I am still in shock.  First of all, I'm in shock at the fact that my baby is even big enough to have a big boy bed, let alone to be sleeping in it!  Secondly, I'm in complete and utter shock at how incredibly smooth this transition has been!  I keep thinking this is the honeymoon phase and the bad stuff is yet to come....  (That's where the wood-knocking and prayers come in!) 

We bought Tucker's big boy bed out of necessity.  We are at the point where we need to get a move on with his little sister's room.  I needed the changing table/dresser combo over in her room which met a new dresser for Tucker.  I wanted to get the bed and dresser as a set, so we did with the intention of having his big boy bed in his room along with a borrowed crib for him to sleep in until he was ready to make the switch.  I thought this would be happening MONTHS from now! 

He was so excited about his new big boy bed (mainly because of the bedding covered in cars and trucks :)).  The day after it was delivered, I was changing Tucker's diaper in preparation for nap time.  He said, "Night night big boy bed!"  I asked him, "You want to go night night in your big boy bed?" to which he replied, "Yes."  I admit, in my head I thought, "Okay, I'll put you in, but as soon as I walk out, you're gonna be at the door begging to come out."  We had been reiterating to him that he could not get down from his bed without the help of Mommy or Daddy, even though it is clearly low enough for him to do so independently.  Anytime we put him in the bed to play or anything, we always told him we had to help him down.  We even "practiced" him being in his room by himself and calling for us to come get him when he was ready to get down.  Again, at this point we had only had the bed a day so I'm not even sure how much Tucker got out of our little "practice session".... 

So....for nap that day I put him in his big boy bed and placed pillows on either side of him (we hadn't even bought the side rails we planned to buy yet!), and walked out of his room.  I ran to get the monitor so I could see what he would do next.  To my surprise, he stayed in the bed!  He rolled around for about 10-15 minutes, occasionally sitting up and talking to himself, and then was asleep!  Just like he does when he's in his crib!  Seriously, I was in shock.  I'm telling you all, I had been expecting the worse.  You just hear so many horror stories about this transition.  I was so excited to see what he would do when he woke up that his 3 hour nap felt like an eternity.  But, again to my surprise, when he got up, he fussed a little and called for me.  He never even tried to get out of bed.

That was day one, and we are on day 5 for naps and day 4 for sleeping in it all night.  He has done just as wonderfully every single time.  He has never tried to get up, not even the time he didn't feel like going down for bed time and threw a complete fit in bed including throwing all four pillows to the floor.  Every time he has woken up, he has stayed in the bed until either Wes or myself goes in his room and "help" him down.  (PLEASE knock on wood!) 

Am I crazy to get my hopes up and think it might actually stay this way????  Could Wes and I really be this lucky????  Oh my goodness, I hope and pray that a complete different post isn't in my near (or not so distant) future!

Here is a picture of my sleeping babe only minutes ago.  He fell asleep reading one of his favorite books "I am a Bunny."

(Did you knock on wood???)


The Nix Fam said...

whoa! this is too much for me to handle, knowing that Judah is not far behind him in age! congrats, though! looks like he is nestled in for the long haul :-)

Stover's site said...

WOW!!!!! I'm so so so so so happy for you! You know our trauma with the big boy bed. :-) We are probably responsible for your fears. ha! I'm so proud of him. That's awesome! Love you