Thursday, July 14, 2011

Funny Thursday :)

I have so many posts, many long over due.... but I have to share this funny little thing real quick with y'all, and mainly because I want to 'journal' about some of the funny little things that Tucker (and eventually his sister) are bound to say over the years.

Last night, we were all three in the basement.  Tucker was playing with one of his (gazillion) trucks on the couch, running it along the back side of the couch.  Wes and I weren't too far away and were talking about how much time I would be taking off work once the baby arrives.  Tucker seemed in his own little world, interested in what he was doing with his truck and making 'truck noises.'  In our conversation, I said something that involved "....six weeks...."  Immediately, Tucker jumped in with, "I want 6 weeks!"  Wes and I died laughing!  Obviously he doesn't know what '6 weeks' is, which is why he wanted it!  I'm telling you, he hears EVERYTHING!  This boy does not miss a thing.  A little scary, isn't it?! 

Yup, he's one funny boy, and this Mama LOVES him!!!  :)

I'm sure there will be many more things that come out of his mouth that are much more funnier than that, and I'm sure you all have heard some way more funnier things from your little ones, but I just had to share that one :)

And if there is anyone that still stops by this forgotten blog now and then, leave a comment with your most recent thing said by your little one that left you in tears!   I would love to hear it!  :)

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Amy said...

I still follow! Jackson doesn't string many words together yet, but he has about 50ish words in his vocabulary without prompting. We have such smart boys! Right now, it's more of the facial expressions and things he gets into that have me laughing. Does Tucker ever do something that amazes you and you get tears in your eyes? Just the other day, I lost control of my tear ducts because he realaized he could carry more paper to the garbage if he tucked it under his chin. Silly, right? I *plan* to keep a journal of memorable quotes.

I really, really, really need to get back to my blog!