Saturday, June 13, 2009

What's in a Name?

A child has to carry the name given to him by his parents for his whole life. It's a very important decision for a parent to make. Fortunately, for us, this decision comes pretty easily! Wes and I have had our future children's names picked out for some time :) and now, it's time to share Baby Keene's name with you all! (Though, if you asked us, we told you already. We haven't been keeping it a secret.)

Baby Keene's name is......... Drum roll please.............


It's important to us that the name we pick for our son is meaningful. How much more meaning than a name that comes from his daddy and his daddy's daddy? Wesley's first name is James. Tucker comes from Wesley's father, his grandfather. He'll go by his middle name like Daddy does.

So, introducing, at a little over 20 weeks in utero, TUCKER KEENE!!!! (or "Tuck" as Mommy and Daddy sometimes call him! :)

Actually, Wes does the introduction much better. It goes something like this (in his best announcer voice):

"And now, for the starting line up for YOUR Kentucky Wildcats! At guard, a 6'5'' freshman from Shelbyville, KY, TUCKER KEENE!"

(Not sure where Tuck's gonna get that height from, that's a few inches taller than Daddy, but we'll go with it for now! Of course, the talent will come from Mommy!!! :)


Marsh Family said...

Love it! What a great strong name...but cute at the same time! By the way, you look simply stunning! What a beautiful belly!! :) You're glowing!

Anonymous said...

Love the name! I'm so happy for you, and you look fantastic! --Jocelyn

Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

You look amazing, Tiff. And I think Tucker is just perfect. I can see him running out at Midnight Madness now. Calipari better get on it...:). Love you.

Anonymous said...

You just look so adorable!! Loving the name too. ------ Sheila Bug.

Mommy Perks said...

You look FABULOUS.
And PS...I LOVE the name Tucker. LOVE IT.

Jeanne said...

I agree with everyone! You do look FABULOUS!!! and Tucker and Mark will be ballin' before you know it!! Can't WAIT!!! :)