Thursday, July 28, 2011

21 Months

1.  You're real into what belongs to who.  It's always "Daddy's car," "Tucker's choo choo train," "Mommy's shoes," etc.

2.  You are trying to actually dribble your basketball.

3.  You love Special K Fruit & Yogurt cereal.  Of course, you pick out all the yogurt pieces and then wonder why there's nothing but the flakes left by the time the box is half empty.  Mommy is seriously considering writing Special K a letter asking them to PLEASE put more of the yogurt bites in their cereal!  It would make many of Mommy's mornings go a lot more smoothly.

4.  You prefer to sit in your booster seat over the high chair.

5.  When a picture or video is snapped you say, "I wanna see!"

6.  You're getting good at guiding your trains around the track, but you still get frustrated when they come off.

7.  You say, "Thank you" and "Excuse me" without prompting (not every time of course), and when you do it melts Mommy's heart!  The other day, you fell on a tricycle at your friends' Caden and Charlie's house.  When we got home Mommy was cleaning up your boo boo and you looked at me and said, "Thank you Mommy."  My. Heart. Melted.

8.  You love to wash your hands and want to be in the bathroom all by yourself when you do it.  So independent. 

9.  You still L-O-V-E cars, trucks, trains, buses, tractors, helicopters, and airplanes.  I would say trucks are your favorite.

10.  And balls.

11.  You are so sweet.  You will come up to Daddy and Mommy at the most random times and hug and kiss us.  I hope you never stop doing that ;)

12.  You know how to unlock Daddy and Mommy's iPhones.

13.  Before bed you always ask for the "Bus Book" and the "Daddy Book". 

14.  The "Bus Book" is a book of four short nursery rhyme songs that starts with The Wheels on the Bus.  In the book, The Hokey Pokey comes right after Row Row Your Boat.  Anytime you sing or Mommy and Daddy sing Row Row Your Boat you immediately follow up with The Hokey Pokey.  I think you just think it's the ending to Row Row Your Boat!

15.  You love chapstick, but it sounds like "chap poop" when you say it!

16.  You love soup, any kind of soup.

17.  When I ask you want you want to eat, you always say, "Chicken rice!"

18.  You're real into colors.  You know all of the basic colors and always say what color things are.  It's never just "my car" but "my orange/white/blue/yellow/ect. car."  The other day we were in the car and I pointed out a "Big truck" to you.  You corrected me with, "Mommy no! WHITE truck!"  (Really?!  Correcting Mommy already!?)

19.  You want to pick out your clothes in the morning.  I'll have an outfit picked out and you'll demand your "yellow truck shirt" or "baseball shirt."  Last Sunday you wore a pair of khaki shorts with the shirt to one of your pajamas because that was the shirt you insisted on wearing.  I expected this stage would come, but thought I had at least another year!

20.  I would say hide'n'seek is still your favorite game.  Anyone who comes to visit has to play hide'n'seek with Tucker!

21.  You're understanding turn taking which is helping with the very difficult concept of sharing.

I absolutely cannot believe my Baby Bear will be 2 years old in 3 very short months [tear!]......
How in the world did things go by so fast?

Mommy & Daddy love you Tucker Bug!!!!

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