Monday, July 25, 2011

Beating the Heat

Let's face it folks, it has been H-O-T lately!  Some days, too hot to even go outdoors (at least for a 30 week pregnant gal!).  And that is H-A-R-D when you've got a lad who wants to do nothing other than play outside all day long!  The drop in humidity today was awesome!  The timing couldn't have been better because Daddy took off work to hang out with T-Bug and I today.  I love when Wes takes a random day off work because it usually means we don't have anything planned and can just do whatever we feel like!  Normally, our weekends are so jam packed that we don't get many days like today. 

So, how did we beat the heat today?  We ventured to a near by splash park and playground.  Tucker had so much fun!  At first he wasn't sure about running through the tunnels of water and fountains shooting up from the ground, but it didn't take long before he was running all around, screaming with excitement! 

"I'm gonna get you, Mommy!"  (Notice the hot guy in the background?!)
 Then he decided it was so much fun that he wanted Mommy to experience it.  "Come on, Mommy!"  "Okay, Tucker!"  :)
 I think he enjoyed this bridge on the playground more than the water!

And the slide was so much fun that he wanted Daddy to go down too! 

Happy Monday y'all!  :)


mommy raker said...

daddy days are awesome! especially random ones. we have GOT to make our way to that park! looks like a fantastic way to start the week :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like y'all had so much fun!!!