Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Is there anything better than great friends?  I mean, seriously!  I am so blessed to be surrounded by some amazing girls that I am truly lucky to call friends.  Girls that know just what you need, just when you need it.  Girls that don't take "No that's okay" for an answer because they've been there, done that.  Girls that I look up to.

KATIE GAITHER is one of those girls and I love her for it!  This morning I get a text from her that says, "Bring Tucker to play for awhile and you go home :)".  After texting back and forth for a while, it was evident that she met it and was not taking "No" for an answer.  Katie, Chris, and their two boys who I LOVE, Caden and Charlie, live at the end of our little street (which Wes and I LOVE!).  So, Tucker and I headed that way, only to be greeted by Katie running towards us to meet us. 

It was really funny, the whole scene.  Tucker LOVES Katie and all the Gaither's (he talks about Caden all.the.time!).  He sees her and yells, "Hi Katie!!!" and starts running towards her.  When they meet up, Katie swoops him up, says she'll text me when I can come get him and to not come before then, and starts running back towards her house with Tucker in her arms.  And don't think for one minute that Tucker was thrown off by this.  He just yelled, "Bye Mommy!" because he knew he was going in the direction of all the fun!

Besides being a great friend, Katie is an amazing mother!  Her boys adore her, her house is always clean, and she always has lunch planned like the night before!  Not to mention, she can simultaneously respond to an email from our pastor, change a diaper, kiss a boo boo, and stop a fight before it happens!  Super woman, really :)

Thanks, Katie!  And, my house thanks you because it's about to get a swift cleaning :).
I totally owe you one (well, several really!)!
Love ya!

Here's my kidnapped boy only moments before the incident:


mommy raker said...

agreed! katie is the bomb-diggity and superwomanmomma! and you're a great friend for taking Baby J when we need to get rid of him for blood-giving, deck-staining, Easter pageants, etc :) stair rolling and all, haha-lol-jk!!! love ya!

Mommy Webb said...

Miss Katie has kidnapped my child as well...I am starting to notice a pattern. Should we be concerned;)? I just love our girlfriends...they are the besssssttt!