Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Day

It definitely takes some time to get the kids bundled up for fun in the snow.
There's long johns/tights, jammie pants, then two more pairs of pants, socks, long soccer socks, an undershirt, long john shirt, another long sleeve shirt, hoodie, snow pants, plastic bags on the feet for Tucker because he doesn't have a pair of good snow boots (Gracie has his from last year), a toboggan, gloves, and heavy coat.
Seriously, by the time it's all done, Wes and I have worked up a sweat.
Then both kids are complaining about how hot they are while they wait for us to throw on our layers lol!
It can be quite the job!
Luckily, the benefits outweigh the cons and we are able to have fun without fear of getting cold.
The last snow day we had I didn't take my camera (something I'm purposefully doing sometimes....that's a whole other post that's coming soon!), but I did snap a few today.

This was a rare moment in which both kids were down to only a few more items left to put on and were still in a good enough mood for Mommy to snap some shots ;).

 The first thing this Lil' Mama always wants to do once she gets out in the snow is get her a big ol' snow ball to eat lol!  
 Yep, she'd much rather do this than sled or actually be in the snow!
 Today, Tucker was determined to build a big snowman!
Before we even went outside he had the carrot for the nose picked out and ready to go.
 Rolling big snowballs is hard work!

 And, I mean hard work!  There's not any pictures of the work in between this snowball above and the finished product because both Daddy and Mommy were working hard on those snowballs as well!  (Okay, so that's not really true.... Daddy did snap some of Mommy at work, but I didn't like any of them!)

"And now, the most important part!"  Tucker, age 4 years, 3 1/2 months
 The kids named him "Sunny"
 Very fitting considering Sunny is ready for warmer weather in his shades, Hawaiian shirt, and vacation hat.  (And of course, cheering on the Kentucky Wildcats!) 
Gracie took to him immediately.  She has asked, "Where's the snowman?" a million times today.
I think she may be under the impression that he can actually come and go....
Here she is giving him a little kiss :)

I hope you had fun on this snow day!

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