Sunday, February 9, 2014

Future Olympian Perhaps...?

Gracie has been enjoying the Olympics.
Her favorite are, of course, the ice skaters!

Every since being introduced to the Olympics at school last week, she has been doing lots of spinning and twirling :).

See for yourself.
(Oh, and while you do, please ignore my messy house!)

As you can see, she adds her own music.
She loves to do what I like to refer to as "free-associating-singing".
She just sings random words, or whatever pops into that sweet little heart of hers.
In this video you can hear her sing about her milk and water (both of which were sitting on the table), letting Dixie (my parents' dog) out to potty, then she starts singing about the potty, a popsicle... You get the idea.

Whether she's our future Olympian or not, she's definitely got STAR written all over her :).

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Stover's site said...

sign her up... winter Olympics 2034... America's Got Talent, American Idol... whatever..... she's GOT it. :-)