Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Four-Legged House Guest

Last week we had a house guest for a few days. The four-legged type.

Please meet, Dixie, Papa & Memaw's sweet lab mix.

Lover of hugs...

or even better, hugs with treats

Lover of nap time

and tummy rubs.

"Guarder of the construction supplies at a construction site"  (official title given to her by Tucker)...

and she may have a new found love for pat-a-cake...

"Wanna do it again, Dixie?"

I'd say our house felt like home-away-from-home :).

The kids loved her before, but they love her even more now...
and ask almost daily when Dixie is coming back to stay at our house...

Tucker lovingly refers to her as "my dog" and even introduced her (twice) as "see our new dog we got?"

We sure enjoyed you, Dixie!  

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