Thursday, February 6, 2014

A little randomness...

Gracie LOVES to help make pancakes in the mornings.
Or, to help with any cooking for that matter.
"I help you cook, Mommy!"
As she slides her green chair up to the counter.
She's actually really good at measuring and dumping.
"I DO IT!"
She's even almost got cracking an egg down.
Of course, the best part is watching for the bubbles in the pancakes that let us know it's time to flip!
(Notice the picture of big brother in the frame behind her.  He was about her current age ;).)

 "I see bubbles, Mommy!"

See this guy?
He's the sweetest.
Yeah, I know I say that all.the.time.
But, he really is.
See his little fingers there?  Know what he's doing??
He's showing me that he is ALWAYS going to be my little boy ;).
"THIS little, Mommy.  I will ALWAYS be your very little boy."
Yes, I make him promise me that at least a zillion times every other day.
I also make him promise me that he's going to feel the same way when he's 16 and when he's 36!
Love him!

Wes and I got a date last weekend.
A get-dressed-up, my-super-hot-husband-in-a-tie-other-than-for-work, I-actually-have-on-fire-engine-red-heels kind of date.
Needless to say, those dates are pretty rare.
 It was for a great cause and we had a blast. 
 (And I have the blisters from cutting a rug on the dance floor to prove it lol!)
LOVE this guy! ;)

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