Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Perfectly Messy Life

I mentioned in my last post that we are a mess.
It got me thinking.
I often say this about us.
I believe in my bio on here I even refer to our life as "messy."
But, that is exactly what I love about us.
I guess because if it weren't messy, it just wouldn't be 'us'.
We REALLY are a mess.

We do things like race shopping carts through a store, run late, dance in the rain, go for random car rides, have Nerf gun battles in which it is totally fair to shoot the other person above the shoulders, play jokes on each other, have dance parties in the kitchen, bring snow inside, climb on counters, jump on couches, eat at places other than the kitchen table, make messes while cooking, read books in closets, have family meetings in the bathroom, finger paint with our feet, play with our food, run in the house, drink tea from champagne glasses, have breakfast for dinner, eat dessert first, cover each other in kisses, wrestle hard, wake up in the same bed (even if it's not how we all went to sleep the night before), play loud, step in mud just to have it squish between our toes, stay up way past bedtime for pillow talk, make forts to hide from dinosaurs, nurse our babies, eat raw oatmeal, and frozen veggies, say things like "knuckle head" because Papa does, have beans in random places throughout the house (did I mention that we have a bean bin?), go on vacation just to ride bikes, totally believe folding laundry is way overrated, drink coffee all day long (well, Mommy and Daddy anyway), do silly very well, have at least one place on the kitchen floor where there's an unknown sticky substance, apologize, over sleep, over-commit, wear jammies all day, take naps even when we have a zillion things to do (like fold laundry)...... 

A mess.

And I seriously wouldn't have it any other way.

This messy boy

 this messy girl

and this handsomely messy man

are my perfectly messy life :)!


Shea said...

I love this post! Life is always better with tons of memories and messes!

Anonymous said...

Messy lives are good. ;) I like the pic of Gracie, too! She's hilarious.