Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

My sweet Valentines (minus their daddy)!

Yes, these were "Quick, stand here, look at Mommy and smile so I can get at least one picture of y'all on Valentine's Day" pictures.

It really was going great....
until Tucker decided, innocently enough, to share his KY hat with Gracie.

Her words exactly, "No, Tucker!  Don't mess up my pigtails!" 

Mommy just kept snapping.  You have to in order to make sure you get ONE turn out.

They resolved things pretty quickly :).

The aluminum foil clad thing that Gracie is holding is what's left of her Valentine's Day Box from school.  When we found out they would need Valentine's Boxes and I explained to Tucker what it was, he immediately said he wanted a robot.  Of course, Gracie chirped in that she also wanted a robot.  This Momma is not active on we did what we could....  We covered coffee containers in aluminum foil, we painted toilet paper rolls and we raided our craft bin for the rest.

Most definitely not brag-worthy lol, but hey, the kids were happy with their Robots, so that's all that matters :).  They had SO much fun at their Valentine Party at school.  There was lots of talk about the fun games they played, passing out their Valentine's Cards, and having breakfast for lunch ;).

I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day :).

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