Sunday, February 16, 2014

Busy Weekend...

We had such a busy weekend, which is pretty much our norm.

The kids had their Valentine's Day party at school Friday morning, then we got to visit with a dear friend and her new little baby (both my kids were in heaven holding sweet Baby Baker, especially Gracie!), then Tucker had a basketball game that evening.  Saturday morning Tucker had another basketball game then we headed straight to Tatum's 5th birthday party at the indoor play center, followed by some yummy pizza afterwards.  We were going to fit in the Farm Machinery Show, but opted for a short, much-needed nap instead.  A quick rest, then the kids were off to their jammie/pizza/dance party at school.  (Yes, pizza twice in one day lol!).  Mommy and Daddy snuck in a quick date while the kids were partying it up.  
Today, we had an awesome church service, a very long, and even more needed family nap, then we took the the kids to the movies.  Tucker and Daddy went to see The Lego Movie and Gracie and I went to see Frozen (for the 2nd time!).
Busy, but lots of good stuff!

Here Tucker and Gracie are ready for their jammie party at school Saturday night.
(cell pic, a little blurry!)
As you can see, Tucker is in his FAVORITE jammies.  I believe if you scroll down through previous posts, there are probably at least a half dozen pictures of him in these exact jammies...
They had so much fun at their party.  They were wide away and talking it up when we arrived at 9:30 to pick them up.  They ate pizza, played with friends, danced their little hearts out (though their teacher said the disco ball in the dark scared Gracie a little), and got to eat lots of popcorn (according to them lol!).

And here are a few I snapped before going to the movies tonight.

 I promise I don't make my kids hug and kiss for pictures.... 
While snapping these I even said, "You don't have to hug and kiss.  You can if you want to, but you don't have to..."
I just tell them to stand over here and let me snap a quick picture before we leave, and this is what they do.  
Of course, I  L*O*V*E it :).
 Tucker's idea for the silly faces!

Hope y'all had a great weekend, surrounded by family and those you love :)!

A few pictures of Tatum's birthday party and of a four-legged house guest we had for a few days last week coming soon....!

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Mommy Webb said...

What adorable pictures of your beautiful babies!!!!