Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Midkiff's Paid us a Visit :)

A good friend of Tucker's, Josiah, and his Mommy and Daddy came to visit tonight.

Tucker and Josiah had a great time playing together! Tucker even did a great job sharing his toys.Though that could have been because he was more interested in the toys Josiah had hanging from his car seat :)These two are only about three months apart. As you can see below, they've been friends since early on! They will grow up being best buds! Who knows, maybe these pictures will be on their wedding slide show one day....

Also, Josiah had green beans for the very fist time tonight! Watch out Mama, boring rice cereal isn't gonna do it now!

Here's the Midkiffs, Melissa, Jason & Josiah. We love y'all! :)

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