Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tucker's First Wedding

On Saturday, the Keene's attended the beautiful wedding of my "little" cousin. I remember when I used to babysit her! Okay, now I'm making myself sound old....

It's hard to believe that it's been this far into the summer and we have not been to a wedding before this. (Another sign I'm getting old -- all my friends are already married! LOL!)

Even though Tucker is still in Mommy's belly, he was a "BIG" part of the celebration..... Mommy and Tucker were the "announcer/organizer" at the reception. We got to welcome the guests, announce the wedding party, and direct the guests attention to all the reception "activities" (toasts, cutting of the cake, father-daughter dance, throwing of the bouquet, etc.). We spent our share of time in the spotlight, and Tucker got lots of compliments (or maybe those compliments were for me?)!

I also showed Tucker that his Mommy can cut a rug on the dance floor, even at 7 months pregnant! I had some embarrassing pictures that I had planned to post for your entertainment, but Wes accidently deleted all the pictures on our camera's memory card. (Yes, Honey, I'm still you're friend! LOL!) If I come across any from anyone else, I'll be sure to add them.

Anyway, the wedding was in Pennsylvania, which means we had a very busy weekend, mainly consisting of being confined to a car. We made the 8 hour drive Friday after work and came back Sunday. A quick trip, but it was worth it to see Heidi look so beautiful and happy! A bonus of driving up interstate 71 was that I convinced Wes to stop by the Potterybarn Outlet for a "break from the car ride" and was able to pick up a few things for Tucker's nursery -- score! :)

Heidi and Will, we wish you all the happiness in the world as you begin this new chapter in your lives! You all are an amazing couple and there's no doubt God has awesome things in store for the two of you! We love y'all! :)

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Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

I am so sad that we didn't get to see the pics of you cutting a rug. I'm sure Wes feels terrible. Enjoy all of this attention that you are getting. It won't stop anytime soon b/c we are all having so much fun watching you and Wes prepare to become Mommy and Daddy. And the fun will continue once Tucker gets here:).