Sunday, August 2, 2009


The name "Tucker" came from Wesley's dad, who passed away when Wes was 13 years old. It was actually his dad's last name. We don't know anyone with Tucker as their first name. Surprisingly, I have not heard it among the thousands and thousands of names I've come in contact with working in the schools. (Which is probably a really good thing, because there is definitely a whole list of names that I could NEVER name my children as a result of a child I worked with who has that name -- good or bad, you decide!)

Anyway, while on our "Babymoon", there was a boy who was approximately 8 or 9 years old whose name was Tucker. It appeared that he was on vacation with his family and a few other families that also had younger children. Their beach chairs were located close to ours and we ran into them at the pool on occasion. This means that we could hear the other kids yell, "Tucker! Look at this!" "Tucker, try this!" "Where are you going, Tucker?" etc.... It was neat to hear these young kids call out to "Tucker".

We talk to our Tucker all the time, calling him by his name, but it's different to hear kiddos say it! And let me just say, we think it sounded just as good coming from the mouth of an 8 year old as it does coming from Mommy and Daddy! :)


katie said...

Caden has a cousin named Tucker, who is 3 and SO cute and very well behaved:) its a great name!

Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

I knew that I loved that name, but the meaning behind it makes it even more special. It is a unique name.