Thursday, August 6, 2009

Leg Cramps and Labor

A "lovely" (quotes = sarcasm) symptom of pregnancy is leg cramps. I don't remember ('forgetfulness' = another "lovely" symptom) why that is and if I had enough energy ('lack of energy = yet another "lovely" symptom), I would look it up to include on this post so that I would appear extremely knowledgeable about my "condition," however, I don't have that energy today so just take my word for it.

Anyway, for whatever reason (again, I used to know the answer, but don't remember), the chances of getting these leg cramps increases at night while sleeping. Every once in a while, I will feel one coming on, but am able to flex my feet towards my head in time to stop it. Well, that is except for last Sunday. Wes and I were taking a Sunday nap after church, and the sudden overwhelming "here-I-come" of a leg cramp threw me out of a dead sleep. I inadvertently pointed my toes instead of flexing my feet towards my face. BIG MISTAKE! That caused the cramp to come full force. I screamed, waking Wes up, and tried, unsuccessfully, to jump up. (Now, as you picture this scene, make sure you add the basketball-sized belly that I've managed to "grow" over the pass 7 months.) I fell back on the couch, screaming "My calf! My calf!" Wes, now wide awake, frantically began to massage my calf, which didn't work. I "somehow" managed to get myself to my feet and applied pressure, trying to "walk it out."

Okay, now for where I'm trying to go with this re-enactment.... In the midst of all this pain (yes, P.A.I.N.), I was thinking, "Oh my gosh! Being in labor is going to hurt even more than this!" I'd like to say that I'm not sure what caused me to think that in the middle of a leg cramp, but these days, it's all pregnancy-related, and the closer and closer we get to Tucker's "birth"day, the more those thoughts go to the actual labor process. It's all relative.

As with all muscle cramps, once I stretched it out, it went away; however, the pain remained in my calf for the next few days, like a constant reminder of the pain I'm inevitably going to endure in order to bring my sweet, sweet son into this world.

Okay, before all you Mommies out there scold me for putting "leg cramp" and "labor" in the same sentence, I do acknowledge that a leg cramp probably does not even come close to the pain that us super-women go through/will go through in order to welcome healthy bambinos into this world. It's where my mind went on that occasion, and I just had to share! It also represents the anxiety that goes along with the unexpected process of giving birth. I already know that whatever my delivery has in store for me, it will all be worth it. HOWEVER, I still pray that I have an "easy" delivery (does that actually exist?) and most importantly above all else, that Tucker is healthy.

Thank you to those of you that are also praying for me, Tucker, and Wes! Those prayers are very much appreciated!


katie said...

i think leg cramps hurt worse than labor) actually lots of things hurt worse than labor so youre good! hang in there momma!

Kristin said...

I remember those same worries. But, when you're in the thick of it...none of it matters not even the worst of pains. Trust'll be fine and whats funny about the whole thing is that just as you finish giving birth (in whatever way medically necessary) you'll look at that sweet baby and be willing to do it all over again right then and there. It's all such a miracle.

Jeanne Burnett said...

yep, it seems like all the preggo stuff (pain, back aches, cramps, whatever) goes away as soon as that cute little baby is here!!! Maybe its because you forget about yourself and start worrying about the he cold? is he hot? has he had enough to eat? will he poop? what color is it? its never ending! so.....dont you worry about labor pains and whether or not it will hurt worse or better than those leg cramps, it doesnt matter---either way....that cute baby will be here and you will very soon forget!! love you guys!!!

Mama Perks said...

Oh the good ol' pregnancy charlie horses...I'd love to tell you those go away in the last few months Tiff-but I wake up every morning scared to stretch my calves for fear of what might happen. Hang in there girl!

Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

Those leg cramps were killer! I would even get them in my toes, Tiff. Are you getting an epidural? I strongly recommend one. And I also recommend not waiting too long. I put it off, so I was in so much pain that it was hard to sit still by the time they brought the needle. And I hate needles, but I was so happy to see the anesthesiologist! Your pregnancy has been so great that you will prob have an easy labor too. And a precious Tucker to show for it:).

Anonymous said...

It's easy for us to say, but try to not focus too much on the labor...the anxiety about the unknown is so stressful. For me, early labor felt like a corset tightening way too tight and then there would be complete relief. But, it wasn't the worst pain I ever felt (and I had an unplanned natural labor). At the worst point, the pain was like breaking a toe (every couple of minutes), but then there was momentary relief in between (unlike when you really break a toe). It really wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. Hopefully your labor will be short, and in the end, you'll be so focused on Tucker, you'll forget it all! --Jocelyn

Anonymous said...

Charlie horses are usually due to insufficient calcium and magnesium. I'm not pregnant but they can be so darn painful! I'd wake up in the middle of the night screaming and wake everyone up.
Massaging can help but I've found the best way is to keep your legs elevated higher than your heart. Put a few pillows or cushions underneath your calf and ankle -- pain and the sour aftermath doesn't last as long imo.