Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Shower!!! :)

Saturday, Tucker and I were loved on by lots of family and some friends from my hometown! My mom and sisters threw me a baby shower full of great food, silly games, and most importantly, some of the most important people in our lives! It always amazes me how generous people are! My little man is already loved by so many! :)

Here are some pictures, but before you look at them, let me explain why I have on a yellow top in some and a black top with a white lab coat in others....

In taking a picture while holding my cake, I managed to slide the cake into my ever-growing belly....(can I claim pregnancy clumsiness???). So, I had blue and white icing all over my yellow top... Luckily, I had a black tank top on underneath, but if you remember, it was kinda cool on Saturday and the shower was outside at the park. So, my sister Holli who is a dental hygienist had one of her lab coats in her car (luckily, it was clean! LOL!). On top of that, my sandal broke as well! I'm not sure what was going on with me! Good thing I had so much fun at the shower or I would have given up right there! :)

Anyway, here are some pics from the shower! :)

Me & Jasmine (my sister-in-love)

Me & Mom

Me with my mom, sisters, nieces, and my aunt who drove down from PA for my shower!

Post cake-fiascle! (But a good pic of how Tucker is growing!)

Tucker's piggy bank!

Me & Barbie (one of my BFF's from high school)

Tatum :)

Holli & Bridgette taking care of the games--y'all did a great job!

Another one of my BFF's from high school, Beth, had to get Tucker this shirt because it says "Tuckerman's" :)

Thanks so much to everyone! Tucker and I love y'all and are very blessed to have you in our lives! :)


Mommy Perks said...

Girl you are lookin' GOOD these days! I LOVE Tucker's piggy bank-too cute!

Jeanne said...

Great pics! btw--you look great in your tank! no worries!