Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hello Third Trimester

Friday, I reached 28 weeks, which means I've reached my third and FINAL trimester!

I can absolutely not believe I'm entering my last trimester! Where did the first and second one go?!? Has it really been 28 weeks?!

People ask me if I'm "ready" or say things like, "I bet you're ready to have that baby." I don't think I have that "DANG! She's HUGE!" look going on just yet (though I could be wrong...maybe I do and nobody's told me yet....and if I don't, I'm sure it's right around the corner), so I think I get asked those questions because by this time some women are "tired" of being pregnant and are "ready" to have the baby already. Not me. I LOVE being pregnant! Sure, there are many things that I do not like. (Think constant running to the bathroom, LEG CRAMPS, back pain, lack of energy, carrying around what feels like an extra 100 pounds.........) However, the things that I love about being pregnant totally outweigh all those! Not to mention that as long as I'm pregnant, I get to sleep all night (well, except when I wake up running to the bathroom), and take uninterrupted Sunday naps! ;)

Now, don't hear me say I'm not ready to meet Tucker! I just enjoy the time that I have with him 24/7 right now. I enjoy knowing he depends fully on me, knowing he is with me all the time, knowing that he is completely safe, being able to talk to him at any time, feeling him move around and play and "explore" (that's what I think he does in there!), and just enjoying every part of knowing my precious son is inside of me!

With all that said, I do still very much look forward to meeting the most precious gift that God has made especially for me and Wes!

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