Friday, January 24, 2014

The Polar Vortex

We have had some major wintery weather around these parts over the past week or so.  
Sub-zero temps with even colder wind chill factors, snow, ice, school closings, delays, bad roads.
Saying it's frigid out is an under statement.
We absolutely do not mind winter around these parts.
We love snow.
We love sledding, building snow forts, making friends with snowmen, plowing snow with our riding toys. 

As a matter a fact, here's Tucker with our favorite neighbors, the Gaither boys, the last bit of snow we had:
And Gracie, who tolerated sledding a few times, but preferred to eat the snow until it made her too cold, sleeping all snug in the stroller while her brother sleds:

But, THIS weather is too cold to play in.  It's too cold to do almost anything in.  
You freeze in place walking to the mailbox. 
 I am serious.  
(And while I'm on the topic, will someone please remind me of this in the spring so we are motivated to evict all the millions of riding toys and whatever else that has taken over our 2+ car garage and left zero room for either of our cars....!)

On top of the snow this week, both kids were sick last week, so we have been cooped up for way too many days now!

So, what have we been up to?
You name it!  We have played board games and card games more times than I can count!

Tucker's on a big Uno kick right now.

We have swaddled, changed, rocked, wiped, fed, nursed, and sang to babies.

We have colored, drawn, glued, cut, glitter-penned (yes, thats a word), traced, crafted, and play doughed.

I promise that Tucker & Gracie weren't just randomly cutting up magazines in the pic above lol!  
We had talked about the book of Genesis in our bible study that morning and they were cutting out pictures of things God made and then we glued them all on a large poster board :). 

We built forts, had Nerf gun fights, were attacked by dinosaurs, enjoyed tea parties and dress up, held dance parties, watched live monster truck rallies, played hide-n-seek, jumped on the couch and the trampoline, rummaged in the bean bin, turned the kitchen into a train station.....

And did something that is typically pretty rare around these parts.....watched movie after movie.

And even braved the cold to go to the theater. (Something we were the only ones to do evidenced by the fact that we had the theater all to ourselves!)

Then, when all else failed, we brought the snow inside where it wasn't too cold to play.

A little food coloring makes it more interesting!

Tucker had the idea to feed the birds outside.  
A handful of bread slices and it wasn't long before they were sneaking onto the deck
and right up to the door.

However, with all that fun, we're still experiencing some cabin fever.  
Gracie says several times a day, "I ready to go Mommy."  
When I ask her where she is ready to go, she responds "Just go. Come on."  

Yeah, we're just a little over the cold....

Thankfully, come Wednesday of this week they did return to school and I could tell they enjoyed getting out finally.

I hope you have stayed warm and continue to do so. 
 It looks like the temps may warm up a little this weekend, but with those warmer temps comes more snow (tonight possibly) followed by another drop in temps...  

Old Man Winter, you are quickly wearing out your welcome!
We are ready for some brighter, warmer days!!!

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