Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Making a Come Back!

Wow! It's been so long since I blogged that it *might* have taken me three attempts before I got my password correct... But, here's to a New Year (and to being inspired by a certain friend's recent blog-a-day-filled-with-way-sweet-pictures-of-her-kids-that-will-leave-you-wishing-you-had-better-photog-skills :)). 

There's no way I can fill in all the happenings that have been happening since last May (wow!), so let's just start with the present.

Okay, almost-present.... 
Here are my babies on Christmas Eve after the Christmas Eve service at church. 

Yeah, they've grown just a wee bit since May!

To catch you up a little, here are some things they are currently up to.

20 things Tucker (4 years, almost 3 months) is doing right now:

* writing his name and some other words independently
* playing dinosaurs all the time. He tells us which dinosaur we are and how we are to act out various scenerios.  He knows the names of about 12+ dinosaurs.  He is typically an Allosaurus and he will typically assign Daddy a Velociraptor, Gracie a Parasaurolophus, and me a Bronchiosaurus.  He wants him and Daddy to be the meat eaters and Gracie and I to be the plant eaters.
* He played on a t-ball team coached by Daddy this summer, soccer team this fall, and is now playing basketball (coached by Daddy). 
* Still LOVES his trucks.  Under his bed has become a huge parking lot for his collection.
* He enjoys adding and subtracting.  
* Loving KY Wildcats.  (And strongly disliking the "Dirty Birds" that are the Louisville Cardinals.)  He has recently asked us if we pray for Cardinal fans, and has even told Daddy he is "now a Louisville Cardinal fan" when he became upset with him.  
* Will negotiate like none other.....nothing's off limits.
* Plays really well with his sister, most of the time :).
* Has fallen in love with the movie Charlotte's Web.  He even reminds me every day to make sure I find someone who has a baby pig at their farm in the spring so he can visit.
* He loves to play games.  Some favs are Candy Land, Pop the Pig, Memory, and Uno Moo.
* His best friend right now is Josiah.  They are inseprateable at school.
* He asks some very deep questions about God and Heaven. 
* Says the sweetest prayers!
* Requests "Away in the Manger" be sang for his bedtime song.
* Has jammies on anytime he's home.
* Has recently gotten his long locks cut off.
* Sings the songs that Daddy plays on the box drum when he helps lead worship at church.  Some of his favorites are Ten Thousand Reasons, Cornerstone, and Whom Shall I Fear.
* Has spent the night at Memaw and Papa's without Mommy and Daddy.
* Will eat 1/2 dozen eggs in one setting.
* He tells me all the time, "I love you so much, I can't even tell you how much!"

20 things Gracie (2 years, 3 months) is doing right now:

*  Keeping us on our toes.  She is a busy girl!
* Talking up a storm. She's a fast talker and if you don't keep up, she'll just answer for you lol!
* Getting her last of 4 two-year old molars in.
* Keeping up with her big brother, and doing a dang good job!
* Enjoying her trampoline from Santa.
* Telling everyone what to do; she soooo enjoys being in charge!
* Keeping mama up several times a night nursing.
* Taking care of her babies - changing diapers all day long, rocking, nursing, feeding bottles, wearing them in her wrap and baby carrier...
* Cooking up a storm in her kitchen.
* Talking to everyone she meets.  She knows no stranger.
* Pushing trucks around with her big brother.  Have you met another 2 year old little girl that knows the name of every construction truck - excavator, dump truck, bulldozer, cement  mixer, back hoe...  She knows them all.
* Prays for all her friends, cousins, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and toys.  Ends every prayer with "in Jesus name, Amen!"
* Loves to watch Elmo Abc's on YouTube.
* Knows her ABC's and loves to sit and "write my letters" when her brother writes his letters.  
* Always wants to hear "Be Careful Little Eyes" for her bedtime song.
* Favorite books are Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Polar Bear, Polar Bear.
* LOVES her tutus and gymnastic outfits (wears all 4 of her gymnastic outfits at the.same.time).
* Took gymnastics last session and I really need to go ahead and sign her up again.  She loves it!
* Loves ice cream and chocolate.
* Puzzles, puzzles, and more puzzles.

Hopefully I'll be back more regularly!  Happy New Year yall!

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