Friday, January 24, 2014

The Allosaurus versus the Tyrannosaurus Rex

***WARNING:  What is shown below are graphic images.  This is not a reenactment, but an actual attack of an Allosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  If you have young viewers around or a weak stomach, closer your browser immediately.

A hungry Allosaurus employs the surprise tactic on his seemingly unexpecting prey.
(Notice the three fingers characteristic of all Allosauruses.)
 He turns swiftly in an attempt to use his massive tail as a weapon.
 The fierce T-Rex doesn't back down from a challenge, even though his attacker is bigger in size.
(Notice the two fingered hand that is characteristic of the T-Rex.)
 The two hungry meat eaters go head to head in a gory battle of pure strength, determination, and, most importantly, hunger!

 After exhaustion sets in, the two move to a stand off.
 That doesn't last long.  
Remember, these are two very hungry dinosaurs, folks.
 And though the T-Rex may have managed his foe to the ground, the brave Allosaurus goes in for the kill with his massive, 
razor-like teeth.
 But the mighty T-Rex will not go down without a fight!
 And just like that, the cards turn.  
It appears the Allosaurus is in trouble, perhaps fighting for his life.
 So he does what any intelligent carnivore does, 
he shows his prey-turned-attacker some love!
 Of course the T-Rex falls for it, 
because let's face it, they're all just gentle giants, right?

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