Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gracie Girl

My sunshine.  
Seriously, a ray of sunshine.

She has the most infectious smile!

I love this girl to pieces!  Literally, to pieces!

She is full of joy!
and love!
Love her!

She snuggles almost underneath of me at night.
She's my cuddle bug.
So snugly!

She reminds me, "Mommy, I not your baby."
Nope, she's a big girl.
My big girl.

But yet, such a Mommy's girl!
"Hold you, Mommy!"
"Come here, Sweetness."

To pieces.
I love her literally to pieces.

I really could squeeze her forever.
And kiss those cheeks off.
Most days, she lets me.
I told you, she's cuddly.

My happy princess.
Full of life.

Lives life out loud.
And does so loudly.
Sings just as loud!
"Mommy, don't sing! I sing myself."
"You sing beautifully, Princess."

but such a little Momma!
So caring, nurturing.
She reminds me, "It's okay, Mommy.  I right here, okay?"
As she gently rubs my back and plays with my hair.
"Okay, Love."

"Mommy, I tough!"
"Yes, you are so tough, Baby."

Simple sweetness.
So perfect.

Gracie Girl.

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