Saturday, January 18, 2014


Tucker & Gracie are blessed beyond measure with an amazing Daddy.

He works hard. 
He plays with us hard. 
He reads the BEST bedtime stories.  
He's the best fort-builder.
He gives "scratchy kisses" (according to Gracie).
He makes the best eggs (according to Tucker).
He plays one awesome meat-eating dinosaur.
He can carry the most baby dolls.
He might not be good at putting a pony tail in, but he sure tries.
He paints little fingernails better than Mommy does.
If he is within 10 feet of a Nerf gun, you better run.
  He is the best hider at Hide-n-Seek.
He sings the loudest.
He dances with his princess AND his prince.
He's a committed coach.
He cheers almost as hard as Tucker for the Wildcats.
He makes a mean truck noise.
He always wins at memory.
He's the most creative sand castle builder.
He doesn't mind being completely buried in sand.
Or wearing pretend jewelry.
He is the best teeth-checker when it's time for brushing teeth before bed.
He loves unconditionally.

And I am even more blessed with an amazing best-friend that I am lucky enough to also call my husband

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